Ohio Twisted Tines - Team 4

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  1. Checking in

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  2. Checking in. Names Mike and I hunt ashtabula trumbull and geauga counties.
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  3. Howdy.... im Josh. I hunt Ross, Pickaway, Pike and Highland counties. I'm usually good for a doe, buck and a youth hunt!! Looking fwd to talking and sharing stories with y'all
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  4. Checking in.. names Nolan I'll be hunting Tuscawaras county
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  5. I'm Jeff.
    I"ll be hunting Montgomery, Preble, Darke, and Greene.
  6. Bryan six

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    Good luck this season guys, and don't forget to send a reminder to your missing teamate and get him checked in before Saturday!! Thanks
  7. We need to come up with a name...
  8. post team names as you think of them

    The Doeminators
  9. Sorry guys been a busy crazy week at work! I'm here and checking in!
    Name is Jonah and I will be hunting Muskingum, Athens and Delaware counties all public land.
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  10. Good deal.. The gang is all here!
  11. Sweet.. We just need a name....... And next week to hurry up
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    Team 4 is checked in!! Good luck guys
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  13. '' Fletchflyers''' '' Rack Attack''' '' WeLikeRacks''???
  14. Consider Ross as well if you want to get out me again this season. You have an open invitation buddy. Your tree is still a hot spot!
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  15. Thanks! I may have to swing down that way for a few sits! Last year was a blast!! Thanks again Wildlife! I've been fortunate to meet some great people on OS!
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  16. Buck wild
    Twisted tines
    Rutted up
    Ruts gone wild
    Boiler room busters
    Whitetail freaks