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Ohio Steelhead???

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by Northern_Outdoorsman, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. With Ohio being so close to where I live I am wondering how the Steelhead Fishing is. I am always looking for places to travel for Steelhead action. Here are some Michigan Steelhead:

    This one is from Lake Huron

    A NW River Steel

    A SE Michigan Steel
  2. Hi,
    The Steelhead fishing in Ohio is great .They do not run quite as large as in Michigan but the catch ratio is I think better than in Michigan.The Vermilion River is open right now to get out on the Lake.I am going to try to get up there next week.Check the Post at Walleye are you from I might want a fishing parter.I'm from Northwood OH. limit is 2 right now.

  3. I've heard quite a bit about the Grand River down's that for steel and what is the top method down there? The rivers I've seen have had very little current, so I'm assuming a float technique would be called for?
  4. Ohio Tribs

    The Steelhead fishing on the Grand is very good. There's plenty of access and plenty of fish. All of the Ohio tribs are shallow, so fly or float fishing are the methods of choice. You can troll or throw hardware on the lower stretches of the river also.
  5. Depends on the river, the V you can use the same methods as michigan rivers, just depends on the location your fishing. I have caught more steel in ohio in one day (19) than i have in over a months worth of fishing in michigan. I caught them all on salmon eggs drifted on the bottom.

  6. Ohio / Michigan Outting???

    Just a thought, but what would you all think about sharing a couple of outtings? For instance, the folks from Michigan host an outting on one weekend and the folks from Ohio host an outting on another. This way, people could have the chance to fish new water in a different state without having to hit the water totaly "blind".

    Just a thought.

  7. Sounds like a fun idea but the drive might be a little bit of a hassle.
  8. I'm good for trips either way.