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Ohio River

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by mrfish/OH, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. Looks like it's dropping. Ought to be good by this weekend !! I think I'll launch on Thursday the 26th just to see what I can find !:)
  2. Did you get much snow that way Jim? We got about 4-6 inches in these parts. Even if we could get on out lake the ramps would be about impossible with all the snow cover.


  3. Not bad

    Not too much snow here, only a few inches & it melted off the roads & sidewalks. Dave called me, he's bank fishing today at one of our spots. I don't feel like freezing, although I'm starting to wish I had gone. I still could, but it's cold outside !!
  4. Hey Jim

    I can go saturday if you want some company!!!!
  5. Jack

    I'm working Saturday. We closed for the week, going to open back up on Sat.
    Still too cold for me anyway, guess I'm turning into a catman :(
    I'm going to hit it on Sunday....supposed to be in the mid-forties !!
    Besides, there's still snow all over my boat cover !:rolleyes:
  6. Sunday

    Today & Sunday are looking good. Ought to be a floatilla out with everyone trying out their new Christmas geer !!:p I'll be casting my new Avid rod too !!
    At six foot nine, it's about as tall as you Jack !
  7. I was out last sunday and ended up with 6 channel cats, i'm heading out this sunday to. The only bad thing is there all small with the biggest going only 3lbs. Sunday I'm gonna do some night fishing though so we'll see what happens.