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Ohio River 1-9-03

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by mrfish/OH, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Went out, the river was up to almost 32' in Cincinnati. Alot of debris. Got a few nibbles, but no takers. Never got to feel the fish. It was windy too, but the strong current was able to overcome the wind most of the time. Fished alot of spots. Moved every 15-20 minutes. Hardly marked any fish on the bottom. Saw a school in a mouth of a creek channel, but they weren't on the bottom.
  2. odd

    You dont get Skunked out there very often.........I check this board every morning to see the latest Blues Bros report and check out the pics............Just too muddy I guess?

    Wait a minute !!, I just spun around in my chair and checked my fishing calender for yesterday Bad , Bad day , according to the allmighty fishing calender in my office :D :D :D


  3. Now I know i am waiting on march to go fishing agin:(
  4. Still a nice day out !!

    There's more to fishing than just catching ! At least that's what I've heard from a few guys here :rolleyes:

    You'll see some fish real soon, guaranteed, next time out on the river. Okay ?? Mark my words :eek:
  5. From the picture it sure looks inviteing. Won't be long before the weather some turn.
  6. Not me it's all about the catching, if I aint catching I am not having fun:D :D Needless to say I dont have much fun:( ;)
  7. Hey Jack, the Catking!!! didn't have much fun this past year either.
  8. That picture's deceiving !!

    The water looked like coffee with cream, the clouds are ice crystals !! It was okay while the sun was up, when it went down , the wind ripped in, hard gusts made it hard to trailer the boat !
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