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Ohio River 1-2-03 Conditions & my Predictions.

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by mrfish/OH, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. The Ohio River's a mess. The GMR is above flood stage. Let's hope this isn't a prelude of things to come this winter.:(
    If it was in warm weather it could be a good thing as the flats will push up into the creeks, but not this time of year. I've seen a few floods in the recent past. Not good for the fishery when that happens. I know there's tons of baitfish lost into the fields then. Might be good for the farmers, but not good for the big fish. I have pictures of shad on a road when it went to 54' ( at a place where summer pool is 14' - winter pool maybe 20-22')
    I think this year will be a banner year because last year the river was up most of the time. It got nice for 2 weeks in March, then it was high until June. That killed the striper/wiper spring run. Also the hot summer kept them on a funny bite. I'm predicting a great spring bite if we have a "normal" springtime level.
    Here's Meldahl Dam in Feb 2000 !! Note the big counter balances all the way up. All the gates were wide open.
    Here's it was this past summer to give you an idea....
    And here's the shad in the road, just below the level where I was standing to take those pictures.
  2. Not looking good for any of the creeks and rivers, lets hope things come around the levels drop, and we can have a spring where we can actually fish!

  3. Man, that was some high water! I could do without the high water that's for sure. It would be nice to get a regular start to the year.
  4. I drove by the scioto today, it is as high as I have seen in awile, Paint creek is running bank full and they are dumping the lake big time, all heading for the Ohio River
  5. So much for goin' shad'n anytime soon.......or anything else for that matter!:eek: