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Ohio/PA camping, where to go?

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Almost all of my camping has been in MI up until last year. We purchased a pop-up in 2001 and would like get more weekend use out of it but have been less than pleased with our Ohio destinations so far. I'm looking for campgrounds around 2 hrs or less from Akron that the campsites are not A) piled on top of each other B) so shallow you might as well set up on the road or c) out in the open with no shade to be found.

We went to Mosquito creek this past year and turned around and left. The site was so shallow that I couldn't park my Dakota in it once the pop-up was set up. Cooks forest (2 hrs 45 min) was nice but a stretch on distance leaving at 6-6:30 with the goal to get parked and set-up before dark. I don't need hook-ups just a quiet place to camp.
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East Harbor state park .. It has pull through campsites that I can get a full size truck in pulling a 26ft boat with plenty of room front and back .... lots of smaller ones too... all shapes and sizes, shade or sun, electirc or primitive .... plenty of activities for kids, from swings to game rooms .... it might be a little farther but you will like it
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