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Ohio/PA camping, where to go?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Lance, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Almost all of my camping has been in MI up until last year. We purchased a pop-up in 2001 and would like get more weekend use out of it but have been less than pleased with our Ohio destinations so far. I'm looking for campgrounds around 2 hrs or less from Akron that the campsites are not A) piled on top of each other B) so shallow you might as well set up on the road or c) out in the open with no shade to be found.

    We went to Mosquito creek this past year and turned around and left. The site was so shallow that I couldn't park my Dakota in it once the pop-up was set up. Cooks forest (2 hrs 45 min) was nice but a stretch on distance leaving at 6-6:30 with the goal to get parked and set-up before dark. I don't need hook-ups just a quiet place to camp.
  2. East Harbor state park .. It has pull through campsites that I can get a full size truck in pulling a 26ft boat with plenty of room front and back .... lots of smaller ones too... all shapes and sizes, shade or sun, electirc or primitive .... plenty of activities for kids, from swings to game rooms .... it might be a little farther but you will like it

  3. I f you ever make it down to southern Ohio, dont pass up Scioto trail, state park and forest!
  4. I Secound East Harber

    Ive been going to East harbor for almost 20 years. I love it with the beach so close and alot to do in the area. Its clean and well taken care of. I sugest planning ahead around holidays they can get busy. A little trick we learned is while my wife was at station looking at board for spots I driving looking at camp spots makesure we got one we liked.tways or cell phones.
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  5. You might try the West Virginia Wildlife Management Areas. A friend and I camped 3 days at one of them during the W.Va. buck season and were very pleased. They have no hook-ups for elect. or water but are very clean and the fee is only $5 per night. You can get a list of them on the W. Va. DNR web site.
  6. Go South Young Man! Look toward Stroud's Run, Wolf Creek, Burr Oak Lake, Fox Lake, and all around the Gallipolis/ Chilicothe area including Bob Evans Family Farm. And hey, half the idea is to enjoy the trip and see something a little different along the way. Stop and smell the pine cones! :D If the intent is to hurry up and get set up and eat and go to bed; might as well set her up in the back yard! :D If you really want to get into the sticks where noone will bother you; park it and back pack!! Man that's the greatest!
  7. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    Thanks guys I'll start looking into these. I'm not much for a hurry up thing I just hate having to set-up in the dark, especially with a four year old girl that sometimes gets a little spooked in the dark. That and I'm still an rookie at backing up the pop-up in the dark!

    Anymore ideas I'm all ears!
  8. AW SHOOT; Backing ain't no biggie. Just nobody areound ever teaches you how to do it. First go over to Wally World and get yourself one of those 15 dollar humongous candlepower spot lights. That's so you can see in the dark. Have momma put that light on the back end of the parking space so you can see where you are going. When you back up get your trailer aligned as straight as you can if you have the space to make it easier or just pull it in and unhook if possible. If not back her up. First practice in the day light. Get up right now and go sit down in the driver side of the car. Go on do it! now point to the left side of the vehicle with your left hand pointy finger. I'm waiting! OK now come on back in here. Did you point toward the side with the steering wheel on it? Godd for you unless of course you are driving one of those foreign right hand drive machines then we need to talk real serious like. Now go back out there and sit back down in the same spot. Now turn your head toward the right and look over your right shoulder and out the rear window. Take a real good hard look. Now look into your rear view mirror. Now again take your left hand pointy finger and point at the left side of the car. OK come on back in and sit down at the computer. Which side of the car did you point at this time? A whole lot of folks want to point at the wrong side of the car and that is what makes backing up so difficult. Same thing happens when you try to use the rear view mirror only twice as bad. Now here is the thing; "directions only appear to reverse". Everthing really remains the same. Your eyes are just playing tricks on your mind. That's why you need to practice it. Now here is what you do: When you are backing up, "ALWAYS" look over your right shoulder if at all possible. Sometimes it won't be possible and you will have to rely on mirrors. Next grab your steering wheel at the very bottom with an overhand grip. For some reason this tends to make the mental distortion easier to live with. Then slowly start backing. If the trailer goes in the wrong direction, stop and without moving the steering wheel pull forward, stop, center the steering wheel, and try again. Then repeat the back up step turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction. Always make slow small movements. Kind of like shooting; "aim small miss small!" I'll check back later to see how you are doing. Right now I got to get a wrecker to pull my truck, boat, and trailer, out of the river! :eek:
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  9. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    ahh the light!

    I'll need to get a light, I'm great in the daylight but the last time out we set up in the dark at cooks forest on a spot that I had to back up quite a ways and ended up jack knifeing the camper.:rolleyes: Wouldn't have been bad except that there was a thunderstorm rolling in. I got it cranked up and the ends pulled out just as it cut loose. My wife and daughter were fine inside but I had too stay out in the downpour to finish getting things stabilized. What a way to start the weekend!
  10. Ahhh Yes The Rain

    I had the whole family camping down at South Point TN in the mid 80s. The ranger was telling everyone that a bad rainstorm was coming and advised to packand go home. We had been set up maybe two hours and decided to tough it out. When that storm hit, man it didn't play! We ran to the van and sat there waiting for it to slow down so we could grab the tent and go home. I got soaked to the bone. Just pulled the tent up with both hands and grabbed everything that I could see and threw it in the van. Must have taken all of 3 minutes to terar camp down! :eek:
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