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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by backstraps, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I heard from some friends int he Columbus area today. Said they heard DNR talking on one of the local radio stations about numerous reports of dead deer due to EHD.

    Have any of you seen or heard news on another bad EHD break out?

    I realize EHD exisit to a certain extent each year, but not :break out" status.

    Curious what you may have seen or heard!
  2. its been very dry that usually means its higher than far my woods smells fresh...:D

  3. up here in Geauga county I've heard from buddies finding dead deer
  4. I live in portage county and found a dead doe next to a creek while hanging stands last week

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  5. will the weather that is coming this weekend fix the problem? If we end up with a lot of rain? Our creaks in Cincy are flowing well...
  6. From what I understand it ends with the first frost.

    I was worried about EHD this year. 07 the area I hunt was hit hard
  7. I have been told that it is Drought related. last year was a wet year... this year has been dry so to hear that there has been death doesn't suprise me.
  8. Hopefully the dead deer being found are being reported if disease :Dis suspect ...
  9. Would you change your mind if I told you I did a trailcam study and the best two results came from .99 a gallon ammonia and just bare dirt? Bare dirt did better than the ammonia but not by much.

    I tested it against

    Deer Dander
    Pre Orbital on the licking branch and interdigital in the scrape
    Buck Urine
    Human Urine
    Car Scent
  10. Lets see a write up!!!

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  11. Wait, what? What are you talking about?
    Change my mind about what? The news report I posted? The fact that I buy pee from a deer farm? Please explain?
    Or did you quote me by mistake?
  12. I think it was about pee.

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  13. Would you change your mind about liking deer farms if you werent buying pee is basically what I was eluding too.

    I dont have a write up sorry. Never really cared to publish results and did it more for fun.

    I ran two cams that covered all the scrapes at one time in the same area so the deer traveling the area had their choice of what scrape to use. Based on knowing what is in each scrape I came to my conclusion based on pictures. I wore rubber gloves the entire time and did so on a favorable wind. There was no preference between the sexs, they both chose the same scrapes.
  14. This isnt related to what you guys are seeing either but I have a friend who owns a deer farm.

    This summer, all of their big bucks had to have their horns cut off due to infection. Were talking 2.5 year old deer that are 200+"