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    by John Hageman
    7:00AM TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2017
    The ODNR, Division of Wildlife (DOW) has formed a Deer Management Stakeholder Organization that will be tasked with helping them develop Ohio’s 10-year deer management plan.

    The list of organizations includes many of the most interested parties that are able to provide meaningful input regarding Ohio deer management recommendations.

    A series of 5 quarterly meetings, taking place from May, 2017 until May, 2018 will take the place of the poorly-attended deer summits that were offered over the past 3 years.

    One representative will be supplied from each group, which currently includes (in alphabetical order):

    Buckeye Big Buck Club, Buckeye Firearms Association, League of Ohio Sportsmen, Ohio Bowhunters Association, Ohio Conservation Federation, Ohio Dept. of Agriculture, Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Farmers Union, Ohio Forestry Association, Ohio Senate, Ohio Wildlife Council, Quality Deer Management Association, Social Media, The Nature Conservancy (Ohio), The Ohio State University Extension, The Outdoor Writers of Ohio, The Whitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio and Whitetails Unlimited.

    Dr. Doug Dessette, an applied decision research specialist from The Ohio State University’s School of Environmental and Natural Resources will moderate the sessions. DOW biologists and administrators will play a technical role in the background to provide expertise when called upon by the committee to do so.

    Planned topics of discussion will include timing of seasons, deer population goals with respect to their own historical perspectives, interests, but by maintaining a solid foundation of science-based management.

    Sportsmen can still make their opinions and preferences known about Ohio’s fish and wildlife management, including our deer population and hunting seasons by attending the annual open houses, offered at each of the DOW District offices on Saturday March 4, 2017.

    [Editor's Note: We will provide updates as this project unfolds over the next year. Ohio deer hunters may send questions/comments to us via the email by clicking here.]

    This article originally appreared in Ohio Outdoor News. Republished with permission

    I will be representing the Social Media group. What you read on this release is all that I know at this time. As I learn more I'll pass the info on to you.
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  2. Well, I just wonder how this will turn out.. I'm an optimist so I'm optimistic!

    The summit at ceasers creak had plenty of people show up. They just didn't like what was said. I guess now they have their group that will agree with what they want them to agree with... But I'm optimistic!! Lol hopefully it will turn out well.
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  3. Sounds shady to me. They don't want to put the higher ups on the spot in front of hunters who will ask questions they don't have logical answers for. Go to the open house and voice your opinions to the lower level employees. Unbelievable!!! Well, not really.
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  4. Remember when the new Chief was appointed? He said he was gonna work on transparency and work to rebuild trust between sportsmen and the DOW. Now instead of smoke and mirrors we will have smoke and a brick wall.
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  5. Sure sign that they don't want to know or care what the hunter thinks . My weekends are precious so I won't waste one on deaf ears. One year of hunters not buying any tags or licenses would put a stop to this game they are playing. Term limits for the odnr should be implemented.
  6. I agree. Ironic how this comes to be right about the time that they propose something that they know will be met with strong hunter opposition.
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  7. I like it. Certainly has the possibility of being much more efficient and productive than gathering together a random bunch of whining hunters. :D
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  8. Maybe the proposal is more smoke and mirrors. They propose going up to a 3 deer limit knowing it will not be well received. They then back off the proposal. Win win for them
    They tell those that want more cuts see we tried... and they tell those that want more deer see we backed off!
  9. I believe some have a legitimate reason to whine!!!
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  10. I agree, the angry mob mentality has not produced the desired results so far. I think it would if the mob was large enough and motivated enough, but that has just not been the case.

    Hunters might have better luck working WITH this type of group to develop a long term plan (10 years) rather than the yearly feeling you're getting screwed. There are many pro hunting voices among the participants, maybe even one from the Wildlife Council many might know.

    Don't know if it's just a scam to temporarily appease the angry mob, then do what they want anyway. But there are enough members that are truly focused & committed to quality deer hunting that cannot be 'bought off' that we should certainly be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for a year.

    Unless someone has a better plan, of coarse.
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  11. Yea, I'm sure MRex will be on both counsels. Yes, he's a mod on this site.

    I say this with no disrespect, but I don't think MRex fits the mold for who represents me.
    Perhaps he will hear what is important to hunters off this site and relay or push for those issues..

    Judging from that list very few repesent me. Many on the list have their own agenda and $ seems to be it.

    We will see, time will tell.
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  12. Bill, read the bottom of Bawana's post, he is the one representing the "social media" section.

    We could use this as a good folks… It took me a few days to realize this once I first found out. But if you step back and look at things, we're a hell of a lot better off then we were a few years ago. You guys now have 2 mods on this site that site on the board and a couple of others that have inside people. Time to turn your way of thinking and make something happen. I believe you have all the people you need in your corner right here. Time to put differences aside and get rid of the "they won't listen" attitude. Get behind Brent and Mike, support them. Do things like Diane and put together solid research backed with numbers. It's time we get answers from our "leadership" and we have the tools to do so right here!!! The amount of drama within the walls of this place is crazy…get rid of it and make your voice worth something.
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    For those of you who may not know me.....
    My name is Brent Laner, I'm from East Central Ohio, New Phila to be exact. I'm 63 years old, married with 5 kids and 4 grand kids....so far. I've been a member of this site since 2002. I was an Ohio State Trooper, retired in 2002 after 25 years. I've been involved in agricultural work basically since I left the patrol. I am currently an insurance adjuster for federal crop insurance. In 1987 I purchased 48 acres of ground and built a log cabin on it. I've been here for 30 years and when I die they will spread my ashes here as well.
    I will be honest, I'm not sure how this group will play out, but I feel it has a lot of promise and I plan on giving it my best. Once some things are firmed up and I know a little more I'll be posting on here to get opinions, might be just in discussions, and it might be by way of polls or surveys. Feel free to ask away or if you wish PM me.
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    Wildman, I don't know if Mike will be on this group or not. As of today I don't know any of the other 18 members.
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  15. Could you tell us how you were chosen to sit on this board? What kind of interview did they give you?Questions you were asked etc? Give us your beliefs and views on public land hunting what needs fixed what don't. Will you be representing the whole of hunters over your own opinions. Your view on how you feel the isn't has handled deer heard numbers? Please and thanks.
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  16. I talked to McCoy a month or so about this and some other things and like many I see it as a positive. I say that about Mike not as a like or dislike. It's good he is on the counsel. I just assumed since the Bbbc was represented I figured it would be him.

    Good for you Brent!
    When Clint mentioned the stakeholders group I said "How do you get in!"

    Hopefully good things will come from this.
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  17. I hope it works. We could be in a lot worse shape. At least they are making changes before we end up like indiana's seasons and laws....decreasing bag limits this season and this season to come in some counties is better than staying the same or increasing for a decade. We as deer hunters, have some representation now (we hope) only if it is a few. Better than of having an unheard voice.......
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  18. Looking at the list everyone seems to have a special agenda it would be nice to have a couple people that would reflect the views of the average everyday Hunter. That's I'm hoping for.
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  19. Agreed, we need to try and figure out what the "deer farmers" have to do with the wild herd. Get them out of this group IMO and fill it with another one of our people.
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  20. I'm not usually into conspiracy theories but how's this for one. I think the deer farmers are just tickled pink seeing CWD show up in wild deer. Just think of a time in the future when CWD is prevalent enough in the wild herd that hunters no longer want to hunt them to eat. Then if someone wants to eat venison where do they go? Why to a farmed deer that is fully tested and free of CWD. UGH!!!!! I can't get started on the whole deer farming thing or I'll never shut up. The beagles are restless and it's time for me to get off the computer and go chase after some rabbits. :) :) :)
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