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OHIO deer herd with EHD

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by bigmattusmc8791, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. BAD NEWS - Ohio has EHD
    If no one didn't know. Ohio has been hit by EHD.. Everyone remembers the tons of deer dropping like flys around salk fork and not once was it publicized back in 2007.

    Well i just read a article from the News Herald that a DEER FARM in Southwestern Ohio had a bunch of deer infected with it..

    Everyone knows Jeff, hes been around a long time writing for Ohio. I think we need to **** cam these damn DEER FARMING>>> i think they are the main cause for diseases in most native animals... JMTC

    So if you go to the Ohio DNr site and read what they say, its very tricky and evasive wording.


    Also it has been confirmed it is all over IA, MO, MI, and IN. so that is not good news...

    I do know there is certainly a big difference between CWD and EHD...


    when the Ohio DNR says:

    There appears to be no risk associated with direct exposure to the virus or in consuming a deer that has been infected with the virus.

    There appears to be no risk associated with direct exposure to the virus or in consuming a deer that has been infected with the virus.

    We as hunters need to start tracking this on this forum. I hear lot of other areas have found this in their local deer herd...
  2. Pretty sure they should be ok to eat. I aint seen no funny actin deer in my area

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  3. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    It is usually localized and is just another natural population control has nothing to do with "deer farming"

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  4. i agree and its a very slick plan...from the midges that bite to the animals that feed off the carcasses and not get the disease...and it controls deer numbers when they start to get to it takes place just around fall ...getting every thing in the woods at its best for the long winter puts in perspective when droughts take place during hot monthes and rains come in the spring...nature knows best...humans dont...we just want to increase deer numbers...nature will react as it must ...and we see it as something cruel or not to our advantage...:D
  5. I'm hearing many reports of it here in PA too. What many don't realize the Season is early with it where many more deer can be effected, in other areas too? And it will take a killing frost to eliminate the midge, not just any frost a killing frost, and that might not happen till who knows when?And the bad thing is good bucks seem to fall victim to it very easily?

    I got this pic off another forum where it was stated that it was found in Ohio. Not sure what area, as I asked being I'm close to the border but got no response?

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  6. I think it has a lot to do with deer farming. Where these things start and breed are around deer farming operations. I've noticed the connection when looking at diseased deer in other states that have deer operations. Texas is the only state that does well only because importing deer is strictly regulated.
  7. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Natural occurance- happens often throughout many areas-especially with the heat we had this summer....

  8. Wow! surprised there's not more posts on this subject? Although maybe a good thing as most are not seeing any effects from it?

    Not seeing it in my immediate area, along PA-Ohio line, although very concerned as I'm hearing way too many reports in very close by neighboring areas? I believe this years outbreak is a lot worse than most realize or want to accept? And with a killing frost aways off, some claim the worst is yet to come as it can spread with the right weather patterns?

    I know many are out scouting now, are you seeing any signs of it in your area?
  9. Was out last weekend found nothing. Checked a few watering holes nothing. This area was hit hard the last time in 07.
  10. Its been found here in LOGAN COUNTY remember a number of years back when it was hot and dry killed a large number in MEIGS COUNTY.I dont know of any deer farms there they have nothing to do with it.
  11. Deer farms have nothing to do with it, but they are very acceptable to it, being the deer are concentrated in one area.

    As deer watering areas are limited the deer are more acceptable, being they are all using the same water source, that can be infested with the midge. The more watering options deer have, the better, as they all don't use the same source, and more water sources have a better chance that some are not infested with the midge.
  12. no comparison to cwd where they might have to kill every deer in a certain area to stop it...:Dnot so with ehd as the disease is carried by flies that will eventually die off halting the spread...cwd is spread by one deer to another thru body fluids like saliva...:D
  13. True, not spread deer to deer, although as water sources become limited, and concentrations of deer become higher at these sources. They all run the risk of being infected by the midge if they are present at the water source.

    The more spread out the deer are, due to many watering options, the less effect EHD will have on numbers. More concentrated, higher numbers.