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Ohio Crossbow Hunting Association

Discussion in 'Ohio Crossbow Hunting' started by NewCrossbowHuntere, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Due to health related physical issues I have had to start hunting with an Excalibur crossbow, 150 gr bolt cutter broadheads and Gold Tip Bolts. Are their any organizations for Ohio Cross Bow Hunters in general and especially those with health issues in particular?
  2. Not sure but that's one deadly combo I got the exact thing but I shoot muzzys and lumenoks. Good luck in the woods.

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  3. Welcome to the site. Good first post. I don't know about a group like that but there are several guys that use an Xbow. Good luck with it this year.

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  4. There is NO Ohio crossbow organization. One needs to started (30 years ago)!
  5. Well that's what we should do. I'm willing to and up to helping to start up a group.

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  6. Gentlemen if you are "serious" I would suggest you contact the Ohio Bowhunters Association. They have advocated for years the development of a Crossbow Organization. Go to, contact on of the officers about giving you some advise. Tell em Ted Young sent you. LOL And yes there will those on here who will tell the OBA and/or myself are no help and a "poor" group. You make up your own minds. Best of luck to you!
  7. Tell you what I have a place to have a get together to work out details. All we need to do is set a day and time.

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  8. Why would we contact the OBA they against Crossbows.
  9. i think you need to reread the post...the help is there and they know everythang you need to start a group...its a great jester on their part...think about it ...the trads have their own org...maybe not a bad idea to get one for crossbows...shoot i may even become a member...:biggrin:
  10. Crossbow Organization is needed in the state you are correct, but there is no need to OBA TO Help with there stance for all these years on Crossbows
    (There Anticrossbow stance ). There have been alot of organization around without OBA helping them.( IBO, QDMA, United Cross Federation in Michigan, Horizotal Bowhunters,American Crossbow Federation) So there are alot of other help out there for us. Already talk with a club the would love to let us have a shoot next year if we wanted to.
  11. Nothing gained from nothing ventured

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  12. buckeye it is the same offer the OBA made years ago when the crossbow was legalized. 1. I do not speak for the OBA. 2. I am a life member of the OBA but because of health reasons, Arthritis since I was 17, now 72, I hunt with a crossbow. The OBA does not recognize my kills but unlike some cross bower and other here I do not get my short in a WAD! 3. I do know the present officers and am sure they would be willing to assist in any way they could.

    If you do not want/need that help great. Have at it!
  13. Not trying to start any trouble here. But I'm a member of Athens fish and game club and I'm sure we could use the ground for a meeting or two to get things started. I could talk with the board to see what all we need. They are great guys out there.

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  14. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink! Some enjoy the controversy and have no intensions of changing the way things are.
    By the way. I am a long time member of the OBA. I can no longer shoot a bow due to rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders. I have hunted with a crossbow since the mid-season of 2009. I still pay dues to the OBA because I realize they also HELP the crossbow hunters.
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