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ODNR Decimates Leadership of Wildlife Division

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BillsCustomCalls, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. I'm already leaning towards Husted. DeWine smells of the swamp. Taylor smells like Kasich and Renacci is so rich (How rich, Johnny?) he can't correctly figure his own taxes.

    I know that drivel is pretty weak in the logic department, but that's how it is so far. And, while there have been and probably still are some very good Democrats out there, I don't see any running for office while a mob mentality has control of the Party.

  2. I'm glad to see they are pressing for answers. Changes were made for other reasons besides the best interest of the division.
  3. Something that few have caught on to as to reasons the " state " wants the D.O.W. absorbed , is that there would be then just 1 State ran law enforcement agency all under the state Highway patrol. D.O.W. officers currently have authority that even state troopers don't have but want .
    Alaska has been that way for many years.
    Plus they want all the lisence fee dollars and federal funding that would come with it .

    Under Scott Zody, there were State Highway Patrol officers allowed to infiltrate the D.O.W. ranks .

    I'm glad the Wildlife Counsel gave Chief Miller a good grilling, not sure if it was good enough but I would say he got the point they are going to keep a eye on him and they should. There are many snakes in the grass and I think he's one of them but only time will tell.
  4. All the news appointees, Miller included are just yes men who will dance whenever puppet master Zehringer pulls their strings.
  5. Funny how I mentioned ODNR had really abandoned the true outdoorsman and the integrity of our wildlife in favor of the agri-insurance influences, back then all left wingers on here had to go negative on me, now years later people have awakened late in the days of destruction.
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  6. Käsich is a poser, always has been, obviously exposed when his 2 favored words when he speaks are I and me.
  7. I did not know Kasich was a deer to look widely and cast a vote wisely.
  8. Is it at all possible that DOW is getting a house cleaning partially due to hunter dissatisfaction? Maybe a fairy tale idea but thought I'd throw it out there. Surveys have been just plain terrible the last few years. I questioned how they continued on without making any major changes after some of those surveys. I'm on board with the idea of retaliation by DNR but DOW is on the bad list with alot of Ohio hunters. You can only get so many bad customer surveys when/if the boss is looking at them. DOW has been failing in a lot of aspects as they were.. hopefully there is more to this all than DNR trying to absorb Dow and raid the wildlife fund for other agencies use.
  9. Purge Continues at ODNR,
    Despite New Chief's Promises

    In a contentious meeting, uncharacteristic of the Ohio Wildlife Council, newly appointed Chief of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife, committed that the round of firings, demotions and transfers within the agency had come to an end. It took less than a week for the department to renege on that pledge. The Sportsmen’s Alliance has learned that ODNR just transferred John Sambuco, who was previously in charge of the Division of Wildlife’s real estate section, to the department’s overall real estate office.

    This brings the number of Division of Wildlife agency employees who have been terminated, demoted or forced to transfer to nine. Starting with the removal of civil service protection from assistant chiefs on July 3, ODNR proceeded to fire Chief Ray Petering on July 5 before demoting the two assistant chiefs and transferring them to the Division of Parks and Watercraft. Following that move, ODNR forcibly transferred four mid-level managers, one of whom was demoted as well. Sambuco worked for Stacy Xenakis, who was one of the employees forced to work at another agency of the Department of Natural Resources.

    The latest personnel move shattered whatever good will new Chief Mike Miller attempted to foster during his hour-long question and answer session with the Ohio Wildlife Council, an advisory panel chosen by the governor and charged with overseeing all matters pertaining to the management of wildlife in Ohio. Members of the council had strong questions for Chief Miller about the justifications for the rushed changes just three business days into his tenure as the agency head.
  10. If the change was made because DNR felt that DOW leaders were not doing their jobs well (e.g., not addressing sportsmen concerns), they would have a much easier time defending their decision to remove these veteran employees from their posts. DNR has not provided anything remotely close to that as justification for their actions. I think it goes deeper than money (although license revenues are the golden prize) and links to historical tensions between DNR/DOW, with personal vendettas and perhaps political aspirations intertwined as well. Why did all of this happen now, with only 1+ years left in a termed-out Kasich administration? Why isn't DNR being more transparent and clear about their intentions and the timing of their actions?
  11. The D.O.W. has been slacking bad. I'm not certain if it's the people that should be fired, but they are about as a mess as the ATF online. A Tennessee out of state 3 day fishing licenses with the trout endorsement was $40.00. The department should have plenty of money when sales taxes related should be rolling back to the department. It's not like public gamelands look bad, but expect the hype of population numbers that haven't changed in areas. Often it's looking for a smooth in of politically trying to make gamelands parks, when law says park go'ers keep out during hunting season. Old science really of opening new gamelands close to where they claim too many people are at. The idiots catered to nieghbor properties friends wanting the state to fix lakes, but not let people on them. Half probably deserved to get canned.
  12. If were true it would be great. With my narrow interest in primarily deer on public land I give them a score of 1 out of 10 for the past 5 years. They have dropped the ball and didn't seem to care about the resource. Can't say I am upset at all with the purge. It may be for the wrong reasons and it may make things worse not better but that group did NOTHING for my passion so it is what it is in my view.
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    Are you related to Thornton?
  14. Bawana

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    Are you related to Thornton?
  15. Thornton has a better vocabulary, doesn't misspell much, and has better sentence structure
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  16. To be honest, "much" is a pretty easy spell.

    Smwddio...would be mach more difficult...sorry, much more difficult. :-(
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