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ODNR and DOW at odds

Discussion in 'Politics' started by R. Toker, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. I have it from a good source that there is a significant rift between the high ups at the ODNR and the Div of Wildlife over the wildlife fund. It appears as though there is a push to bring the DOW "under the reigns" completely of the ODNR so they can dip into the wildlife fund. I also have been told that one of the leaders of the ODNR told the DOW chief that hunters and fishermen "don't matter anymore" and that it's all about "parks". This is very concerning. Our license dollars are paid out knowing they will go to the DOW for wildlife management, not to the parks so some yuppie can go on nature hikes and eat granola. We need to push our elected state representatives to pass the license increases and to keep the wildlife fund out of the hands of the general fund for the ODNR. One of the main reasons there has been a lack of proper forestation for habitat at our state owned properties is due to these "park" type of folks at the ODNR.

    I also have info that the ODNR told the DOW that if they want to make anymore land purchases in the near future they must sell 1.5 acres for every new acre they acquire. This put a wrench in plans to purchase 60,000 acres of land from AEP in SE Ohio. My source is a reliable one.
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  2. Wow.... I would really like to know why they are fighting at all. They have made millions on selling out public lands and parks to oil and gas companies. Where did all this money go to.
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  3. "Our Mission:
    To conserve and improve fish and wildlife resources and their habitats for sustainable use and appreciation by all."

    Not sure why you have so much animosity towards people who hike or eat granola. We foot the bill but we do not have some sort of special claim to the DOW. ITs not just about hunting. Look at the badge on the website and their shirts. Unless you propose hunting bald eagles.
  4. The wildlife fund is for the DOW, not parks. Period. If there was a special "parks' fund do you think they would share it with the DOW? You also have no comment about the statement that hunters and fishermen "don't matter"?
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  5. Because that is nonsense. Of course we matter. Probably not as much as some feel we should but we matter all the same. I'll bunch up my panties when we have more to go on than annonymous sources from an annonymous source.

    As for a separate fund for parks, I have felt for a long time now those dastardly granola eaters should have more skin in the game, such as a visitor's permit or paid access for some of our more popular parks.
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  6. There had to be well over 100 hikers at Zelaski/Lake hope area last Saturday. Do they pay their fair share?
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  7. Maybe. Don't know what goods they buy, what their other interests are, if they donate money, or if they donate time.

    Requiring an access permit would put all doubt to rest.
  8. My block list now contains just 1
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  9. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    I'm not surprised-fully expected it.

    Why my money has shifted elsewhere more so the last few years...
  10. For every acre they buy they have to sell 1.5? That sounds like a joke. There is a major lack of public communication here in Ohio thats for sure!!!!!!!
  11. Have heard the same thing too. A large tract of land in my home county was up for purchase for a new Wildlife area.....but has been held up. Why? Politics plain and simple. Those that manage the Divisions in the Department are not allowed to manage their programs.
    I watched as Watercraft was eaten up by Parks along with their multi-million dollar annual budget. Look at 2016 Capital improvement budget and see how many boat ramps were built with your registration and gas tax dollars....NONE. Where'd the money go? Ever wondered what happened to the Division of Forestry's Forest Rangers? How about the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves and the Preserve officers? When was the Last time you saw a lifeguard on a state park beach? What ever happened to the CCC program? All of this is being done under the guise of being more efficient in state government. Self funded agencies contributing to the Department kitty. Now our Governor is out for the golden goose, The Division Of Wildlife. Whatever could be the motive? While everyone is sitting here bellyaching about no deer.....the Governor is plucking 'em off one by one. You haven't seen what politics can do to your Wildlife monies and management programs till they become Department programs..... And its all happening right under your noses. In the next few weeks look out for the new ODNR White Law Enforcement vehicles.....the move is on to consolidate.
    Watch what happens in the next few years when the Feds come in to audit the self funded agencies and see how the money is being spent.
  12. Supposedly, P-R audits how their contributing money is being spent.....not sure if Dingell-Johnson does the same but I expect they would.
    Who knows...may be an imbroglio brewing in Ohio as folks look to stick their straw in another's soda.

    Re multi-use of state and federal acreages....rather than isolate folks into the manner of snacks they consume, there should be more of a move to educate and enlist diverse groups to a common cause helping all.
    Hunters can not succeed alone in bettering their world, from the standpoint of others or even of themselves....fisherman are not the sole answer either.
    Multi-use limits are a large issue for quite a few re the PGC Gamelands...just as unappealing a dead-end attitude there as in any other state.

    Pay to Play may arrive for the picnicers but that will be a sad day.(
    Almost as sad as assuming it is the Ohio Division of Hunting and Fishing Wildlife.
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  13. They took watercraft next they want the DOW. The OSHP, which is nothing but a glorified traffic cop division oversees the Ohio Investigative Unit, which does liquor, food stamp and tobacco violations. Wtf does the OSHP know about those things? It's all about eating up $ from agencies who are self sufficient. We must fight this, the DOW must stand alone with our $.
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  14. It is no joke, my friend. The info I have comes straight from the meeting between the ODNR and the chief of the DOW. I guarantee you these things were said. Without exposing my source. Much more will come out soon. The gloves are off. Many of you complain about response time of the local warden. Wait until they are absorbed by the ODNR entirely and the wildlife fund is absorbed.
  15. "Push for license increases"?

    How exactly Does this help new hunters if they are already cutting back and being more efficient, which, I really do not have a problem with? Not everyone will get what they like. If they are being efficient and cutting redundant jobs and programs, why raise anything? I know, I know, they just need more money to lose and waste in other areas for other things.

    Not sure I understand the sell DOW lands to buy new DOW Lands? Why buy at all then? Unless they are trying to sell the swamp lands they have in the NE that you can not hunt jack in because you can not get to anything. Good luck selling that for any profit.

    You list a variety of things that seem to have very little affect on very few, so, why are they needed, again? Government redundancy is absurd. Technology is helping with many things in many ways, so , why do we need more people doing it?

    And a "Audit"? LOL. when was the last time any federal, state and or local agency audited and held accountable for anything? They just raise taxes, "permits and licenses" to cover their failures.

    Hunting, trapping and Fishing is going to be even less relevant in the future, it's in decline across the country and in Ohio. Therefore, less attention and money will be used to help maintain it and manage it. I've tried to get more of my nephew and nieces interested but they do not have the patience, or the high tech devises they seem to "need" for an addiction to too live. Some have, but very few. Nothing on the level on what we had growing up.

    Raising permits and licenses will not help with that and will do little to change the attitude toward it. I'm just gonna be glad I will not be around to see it!

    My dad told me years ago that one day hunting will be for only the rich and the few higher ups and "privileged" in the world. I thought he was nuts, now, not so much.
  16. We have not had a license increase in Ohio in 14 or 15 years. The DOW is one of the few agencies who rely solely on their own funds to operate. The cost to non resident hunters to hunt in Ohio is embarrassingly low compared to other trophy deer states. If you think raising licenses $3 will lead to just those evil "rich" folks hunting then I apologize and I feel sorry you feel that way.

  17. Do you support charging a fee to hunt and fish on public lands? If no, why not, that would increase revenue as well.
  18. when its actually worth me driving over an hour one way to hunt public land then i would be willing to buy a public land tag.
  19. We already pay a fee to hunt and fish on public lands. That's the entire point of this thread. I understand your stances when it comes to government. I get it. I support you in many instances but sometimes these things are a necessary evil. We, the sportsmen, will be the ones who suffer if the DOW is absorbed into the ODNR.
  20. Some people don't want to pay a extra $3 for license and would cry about it becoming a rich mans game . But then they turn around and buy $1000 worth of corn a year for baiting . And know this is not a dig at baiting , It's a dig at the way some think .
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