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To kill a Gobbler that is.

I hunted Public ground in Ohio for the first three days, and had oppurtunities all three days. To me the Season seems a bit ahead of schedule with very few hens with Toms at daybreak, and later in the morning they are starting to loose them to nesting.

First day had two mature Toms in a strut zone around 11:00 with no hens, lets just say I boogered that one up.

Second day called in a lone hen at 7:00 am with two Toms, Tag #1 filled
20 lbs. 9.25 beard and 15/16in. spurs.

Third day stayed with some Gobblers that were with hens at daybreak but couldn't have been that many hens, as I got them going good around 9:30 and after a lot of creative calling Tag #2 filled at 11:30 19.5lbs. 10in. beard 1.25 in. spurs. This was a good 4 year old out of Brush Creek who was very finicky to calling, and could tell he was no rookie, but he did commit, which tells me now is the time.

Good Luck, and hang with them till late morning.
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