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Novice Needs Some Help

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by pawclaws, Jan 15, 2003.

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  1. Fellas I'm going to try my hand at fishing for steelies and land locked salmon out Idaho way this fall. A group of us at NAHC are having a combination Get Together (GT) and Bull Elk hunt out there next October. Somebody mentioned fishing in the same sentence as fly rod and it got me to thinking. Maybe I just better find out all I can about fishing for these species! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way anyone want to tag along on this trip give me a shout. It will be a week long camp out, fish trip, elk hunt, and eating festival! :D
  2. west!

    paw claws, first off that is a very nice offer you have made there with your upcoming trip.

    in the west they fish a little differently than we do here. not that the way we fish wouldnt work. i think i would start looking online at different outfitters out there to get the info you need. although here you should get plenty.

    i have been on different sites from the west and some of them are very detailed about there fishing ways. good luck. let us know what you findout. and any other details about your trip!

    that link should help.
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  3. Thanks Polarbar. Appreciate the help Now if I can figure out how to do it I could just post an informationhot link here for you to see what we are doing on this Idaho thing. By the way there are no fees involved other than the individual licenses, tags, and permits that one requires for hunting, fishing, etc. We will be on public property so technically it is first come first served; but, we are getting some cooperation from the F&G folks to give us an edge. Here is a copy of what I have posted over at NAHC.
    The official 2003 Idaho Elk Hunt and Get Together Shebang Information News Bulletin!
    1. Some Very Important Issues Up Front:

    A. This event is NOT an NAHC, NAOG, or any other acronym sponsored function. Although there may be licensed outfitters participating in these activities, all participants must understand that they are participating as individuals rather than as group members and are not responsible for the safety, welfare, or activities of any other participant. Likewise, all participants are solely responsible for their own safety, welfare, actions, and any resulting consequences of such actions and/or the actions of others who may be participating. In no case will any of the organizers, information providers, voluntary guides, Department of Idaho Fish and Game, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Interior, National Parks and Recreation, National Forest Service, Camp Chef, Lodge, Public Broadcasting System, or any other corporation or entity, or their employees or representatives who may conduct product demonstrations, document activities, or be present for any other purpose be held responsible for any form of personal or property injury, damage, destruction, or loss by any participant of this event . To this end each participant will be required to sign a Waiver of Rights and Release From Liability Statement]Iimmediately upon their arrival. Statements for minors will be signed by their adult parent/guardian on their behalf. A copy of the statement will be posted when it has cleared legal channels.

    B. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen. This will be a rigorous, physically challenging activity. It may also be called hazardous or dangerous with the real potential for personal injury or loss of life through accidental falls, shooting accidents, fire, inclement weather, contact with predatory animals, and other conditions common to isolated mountainous wilderness regions. We will be nearly fifty miles from the nearest grocery store, doctor, or hospital. With this in mind we are taking every precaution we can think of to assure an accident free, enjoyable retreat for all participants. The following suggestions are offered:

    (1) Starting this very minute get into the best possible physical condition you can before arriving at the camp site. You may be required to carry loads of 100 pounds for more than 1/2 mile. You will be out of doors in cold weather and the body needs to be tuned to handle adverse weather, physical abuse, and extended exposure. Endurance, strength, and agility are prime emphasis areas. This will not be a professionally guided hunt where the outfitter carries your pack for you and even gives you a piggy back ride. You really need to be able to literally carry your own weight and maybe a partner's as well. The volunteer guides that are participating are doing so as a courtesy without remuneration and will be carrying "their own loads!"

    (2) Brush up on your first aide skills. If you haven't taken a first aide course, do so. CPR is a worthwhile activity as well. These skills will serve you well into the future and provide you with confidence in the wild.*

    (3) How is your orienteering? If you don't know what that means, you need to find out and learn about it. *

    (4) How about your wilderness survival skills? Are you competent with fire building, constructing emergency shelters, finding and preparing wild foods and water?
    Develop these skills to the maximum possible extent.*

    (5) Master your weapon with the ammunition you will be using. Whether you are hunting, fishing, cooking, camping, or just observing, develop the weaponry you will need to be proficient during this event. This will help you to practice and discover what does and does not work well. This way, you will bring the right equipment with you and be prepared to maintain it in the field. Checklists will be posted for you; however, it is best to start thinking about these matters as quickly as possible. The more thought we put into this up front the less "gee I wish I hads" there will be in camp!

    (6) Study the habits of the Elk and the predatory wild life. The greatest predator threats come from wolves, mountain lions, and black bear. Be prepared to know how to respond when confronted with these predators.*

    (7) Plan the trip well and bring what you think you "might" need. It is a whole lot better to not need it than it is to not have it. We will help with checklists and ideas as time goes by.

    (8) Equestrians bring proof of ownership, all your medical documentation, enough food ,certified weed free hay or pellets for the duration, and enough water to transition to a ration change. Ray would prefer that horses are brought in at least a week before the GT period to begin conditioning.

    2. General Information:

    **A. Those of you who plan to hunt Elk need to obtain your license and tag as quickly as possible. They are on a first come first served basis and as of Jan 10 there were only 119 bull elk class B tags for unit 10A remaining. You may enter the cow tag drawing. Applications are due in May with the drawing to be held in July for the 10 through 31 December cow elk hunt. If you are chosen for a cow tag, you can trade your bull tag in for it and your bull tag will be issued to the next person on the bull tag waiting list. Of course this will mean that you will not be permitted to hunt during the 10 October to 3 November bull Only Hunt. Pops tells me that there will only be "five" cow tags maximum drawn for non-residents so if you have your heart set on a cow, you might want to go ahead and move to Idaho to establish residency! If you plan to fish for either steelhead or land locked salmon please review the descriptions on the Idaho F&G site along with the regulations. They are confusing but when read the fourth time, begin to become clear.

    B. The Get Together will be conducted 7 through 15 October which will encompass the first part of the unit 10A class B (all weapon) hunting season which is 10 October through 3 November 2003. Archers who have purchased the archery permit may participate in the class A archery only season preceding the all weapon season providing they have also purchased a Class A bull Elk tag. Archers who plan to participate only during the class B (all weapon season) do not require an archery permit.

    C. GT activities at present include: Wilderness survival and first aide refresher training to be conducted on the 7th of October. Pre-hunt preparations will be conducted on the 7th and the 8th of October. A pot luck supper will be served mid week on or about the 11th of October. A departure breakfast will be provided by yours truly to all on the morning of the 15th so those who are leaving will not have to wash pots and pans. Additional activities to include televising the event and a Dutch Oven participatory cooking demonstration and field training class are in the works. Of course there will be fishing for those folks with licenses. There are 25 camp sites for tents trailers or campers available at waterside and 35 more sites available three miles away in the forest. Boats, horses, and family pets are welcome. Four wheelers are permitted and four wheel drive vehicles are encouraged. Detailed information and checklists will be published as necessary. Please forward your questions via e-mail either to me or Ray. We will in turn publish them as well as answers here on the BB.

    D. These addresses may be useful and are available as hot links on the NAHC DOW menu for Idaho.

    Idaho Fish and Game Web Page:

    Idaho License fees and purchasing information


    Come on out guys and lets have some fun, fellowship, and great chow!

    ** Information added/revised 15 Jan 03 0700 ESDST. (Please Review.)
    ATHENS, OHIO 45701
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  4. fly fishing and spin fishing both have there place. To say you ( a beginner flyfisherman at i assume) Would not want to learn how to flyfish out west to large and quite finicky fish. If your going to fish at all i would talk to some people from that area and find out what you'll need like the other guy said.

  5. Thanks for the advice. Looks like I'll be doing more cooking and coordinating than fishing. Will probably be able to crank in one day fishing for salmon and maybe one day hiking and taking pictures. Already decided that the elk tags are too dear for my blood. We have about twenty hunters coming at present and somewhere around 60 folks total to participate in the festivities.
  6. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    just do it!

    You can't catch them if your line isn't in the water. The biggest thing out west on the steelhead and salmon that the numbers are fewer there. There are also large stream trout to be had out there along with the steel and swinging some streamers could still get you into some nice fish, regardless of steel.
  7. We'll be at the North West corner of the Dvorshak Reservoir which is about 60 miles away from any major running water. Our fishing will be limitedto that puddle which is really supposed to be pretty fair.
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