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'nother Genevan

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Hey guys.

I'm "new" to Ohio in a sense. I grew up in Norwalk and joined the Air Force out of high school. Went and saw the world and now I'm back. I got a recruiting job in Geneva, OH and I've been fortunate enough to have some landowners open up to me and let me hunt. Never been turkey hunting before but I am pumped about this spring. I got all my new gear and ready to give it a try.

Fishing is my main passion though. I took the orders here so I could be on Lake Erie. We have a fishing boat and if I'm not talking to kids about the Air Force, I'm out on the lake chasin eyes.

I belonged to a Forum in Nebraska when I was stationed there and I thought it was about time I switched over to an Ohio forum.

You guys have a lot more people here in the motherland so it's a little intimidating but hopefully I'll get to know some of y'all.

BTW, always got a seat next to me in the blind and swivel seats on the boat. Let me know. Can't promise we'll do damage but any day not at the office is a good day.
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Welcome back, Just might take you up on one those boat seats sometime.
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