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Not looking for your honey hole

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Roosterfish, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. But, I would like to know what to look for in a bank fishing spot on the Ohio river near Cincinnati.
  2. Guess I'll have to put in my 2 cents LOL

    I can only go by what I know of the type of fish I target...

    1st get a good topo of the area of the river you wish to fish... you can't beat knowing all the little nooks and cranies when going after any fish anywhere.

    I belive for cats and BIG cats you'd want to focus on areas in the river that have deep holes which many time are near bends in the waterway formed after years of the river running in the same direction also after rapids which I do not think ther eare any in the Ohio river to my knowledge...

    I would not look for long long stretches of deep water but deep water that is near shallow feeding areas where baitfish of all sizes congragate at diff times during the year and where fish can rest, fighitng a river current can be taxing on any fish no matter what size....

    Deep water near tributary mouths are great for any type of fish at any time of the year... This is a very very good place to fish after it has rained heavy and as long as 3-4 days after given that the clear water coming from the smaller stream will allow for bacteria and alge to form thus giving baitfish a place to feed and then your chain grows as each fish tagets another in the food chain...

    Anywhere that logjams form near deep water would give the bigger fish a place to rest and also ambush prey is a good point to start... Also look for root sytems where trees grow out into the water..

    area bait and tackle shops know where the big fish are caught or at the least can put you in the general area and make that river just a little smaller for you LOL

    Hope this helps a little but again I do not target BIG catfish...

  3. If you're fishing from shore around the Cinncinnati area fish around any docks or areas with light. The fish are already used to activity on shore as well as the lights, so they won't shy away if they can tell there is a lantern or odd light coming from shore. Don't use liver or nightcrawlers......get yourself a cast net and catch some shad around the docks or boat ramps.

    This info goes for any area.
  4. FORGET the Muskingum river! During the summer it is nothing but a cloud of bugs at night. Repelant doesn't would be worse from shore if you are using a lantern.

    Every occassion I was fishing that river no one was catching anything.......even limb lines were empty.

    I'm not saying there aren't some good cats in there.....the Ohio is a much better bet!
  5. I fished below rokeby and launched from the new area at McConnelsville. I think the Muskingum would be a better early/late season fishery. It was MIS-RE-BULL out there:eek:
  6. sorry i will not devulge any info to my #1 honeyhole.
  7. I have seen a few people fishing under and around the 275 bridge in the kentucky Indiana side .... I am not a bank fishermen so I can't help you much ... Also there is a park off of 52 I think it is between New Richmond and Cincy that I am sure offers some bank fishing ....
  8. Creeks

    Mouth's of creeks.....especially during & after a rain.
  9. yuppers

    and dont forget tailwaters during the spring for pre-spawn cats..and again in fall when baitfish push in below dams before winter sets in.
  10. This one

    I think it's Big Indian Creek ? No- now that I think of it, it's a few miles above New Richmond. (Maybe it's Woodland Mounds) We fished it from the boat( the one above NR), real deep water & a drop off. The hole runs right where the creek channel extends into the river, the drop is on the top & bottom sides of it. There's lots of trees in the water there too. I think I posted pictures of it back when we fished Doc's T. I think the winning big fish ( 22# flat) was caught there. The shad stack up there at the mouth of the creek too. The bank at New Richmond is good too. You could fish that whole stretch of the river from 275 to Meldahl. Plenty of good spots. There's a creek below Meldahl on the OH side too.
    The tailwaters can be good, but they get so much pressure. Maybe this spring we'll hook up & striper fish during the day & then fish until a little after midnight for some cats at the "spot";) Remind me, I know of a few places there that have produced some whoppers.
  11. Creek-

    Indian Creek at Point Pleasant. ;) THE CATKING!!!
  12. When you fellas fish from shore on the Ohio, do you cast as far as possible or keep it close to shore?
  13. BB depends on a lot of factors

    If imm fishing during the day and the deep main channel is 100 yrds out, or if i know there is some structure out 75 yrds breaking current..then yea i fish long if im fishing during the night and im fishing a 5ft deep flat next to the deep water..then no..i'll fish as close as i have to..
    So no i would say i dont go to the Ohio r. and cast out 150 yrs every cast..only when needed to reach the FISH!
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