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Norther vs southern/eastern oh deer.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by bowkills, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Going to make people mad I don't care. I just get sick of 140 class bucks shlwing up on camera all hrs of the day for people. I invite any southern/eastern hunter that think they have a since of whitetails figured come hunt with me. Nw ohio. I have endlesss gound to hunt.....seriously ur spoiled! Come give it a shot............
  2. Wow? Now I'm really confused!? ;)

  3. Sounds like someone is having a difficult season just 2 week in....
    Stick with it there bowkills and maybe (just maybe) you will get as lucky as everyone else in the state apparently.
    I travel through western ohio frequently for work (from Sandusky, Bryan, Lima & Findlay) and have seen some massive trophy bucks that are well in excess of the 140" mark you mentioned. They are around, maybe just not directly under your treestand or in front of your camera. Kinda funny how you can make that generalization that there are few good bucks in NW Ohio. Maybe put in for a Toledo metroparks hunt if your having that much trouble out there. Come on man!
  4. I occasionally hunt the Troy to Sidney stretch. Used to hunt there for years with great hunting. That might not be NW technically. Gun season at the check in station was always eventful. Images from the farmers collection of deads and sheds are still clearly etched in my mind years later. Deer no one ever saw once on farms with alot of hunting pressure turned up dead as old booners. They are elusive out there. I used to find their beds far far from woodlots on tiny creeks with a little grass or thick spot along it. Maybe a little tree or two that was shredded. You would look at it and swear because you can see the whole 150 acres there weren't deer there. I would kick them up along train tracks pretty often too in the same type of deal. Not a tree for a half mile. You would think when it kept happening I would have stopped walking past it to get to the woodlot. I'm still learning lol What county are you in?
  5. IMG_0635.JPG That post shoulda ended with this!
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  6. Anyhow ya better be carful who you invite up their.. Us south eastern guys will come kill all your deer.. drink all your beer and take all the pretty Ladies with us when we leave.
    Now you could invite the south western guys. Thing is I hear they like to chase guys more than hunt..They also drink foo foo drinks..and there beer with a straw.Heard they don't know how to gut deer properly as welll. May have to show them..
    Or you could invite the North east guys. They probably wouldn't show up tho..Scared to leave their county. They also cannot consume much alcohol with out tearing up. More than likely they would just try to pet the deer. Also they can't shoot worth a ****.

    Anyhow how drunk out last night did it get?
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  7. Not necessary, most know how I roll.. Theres a saying out there I like. Nobodycareshuntharder
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  8. I meant for bow kills post not yours.
  9. It's a different game up here because of the 20 to 15 acre woods. In my area you can't get permission. I hunt a 15 acre patch and the owner let some one else in. The big sections are all posted and the pressure is crazy.
  10. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    It's not as great down here as you think bowkils, well it would be better if I had the perfect hundred acres!!
  11. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    It is not that bad at least!! But everything has room for improvement!!
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  12. Pretty sure you heard wrong about us southwesterners. Last I heard we kill more big deer per sq mile, compared to southeastern. As far as foo foo's and beer with a straw, beers for women and children. Whiskey, straight from the freezer for us. Can't gut deer? Any time, anywhere.
    I can't vouch for the northern boys.
    Now the southeasterners. I hear all they do is b!?$# about not being any deer. Then its the poachers. Hold on, how about the non residents??
    Gonna take all the pretty ladies? Define pretty. Lol. As far as drinkin all the beer, refer to the southwesterners paragraph. LMAO.
    Hope everyone has a great season.
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  13. Then you have the Cambridge area....where men are men and sheep are afraid!!!! lmao.​
  14. Loving it!!!
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  15. Baaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa baaaaack uppp baaaaaaaaa....!!!!
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  16. I'd say the opposite. Having grown up in northern Ohio and hunted there for more than half my life it's easier or me to kill big deer. Look at the Eskers who kill a 200+ nearly every year. All done around small woods covered in ag land. It's easy to get stock of your woods when it's all <10 acres. The trick is holding the deer on it. You can run them out without much pressure at all. Now southern Ohio is a whole nother ball game. When you have blocks of woods that are tens of thousands of acres, you can have a 6 year old or a few of them you have never even seen because they don't come out of the thickets that have both water and food. Ya need a different strategy for both areas.
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  17. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    Needle in a haystack!!! I was thinking the same thing but bowkils seemed pretty fired up and didn't wanna make it worse!! I would love to be able to hunt ag land!! Heck with binoculars and time, you can pretty much watch all your deer and pattern them from a road!! Not that way down here at all!!
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  18. Guys that hunt ag land and are in and out once a week dumping corn, checking cams, scouting, etc etc are shooting themselves in the foot. Deer in ag country pick up on intrusion really quick and have them figured out before season ever opens!!!
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  19. Any mature deer is a challenge to hunt. NO matter if it's in ag areas or forest country of SE Ohio. They are elusive and don't get big by being stupid. However, IMO, shooting mature deer with any consistency in SE Ohio is even more of a challenge. As a flat lander myself, I can usually look at a map and locate pinch points/funnels/etc very easily especially here in Western Ohio where the wood lots are scattered among ag land. Head to SE Ohio and the game changes. Sure you can look at topo etc, but I have seen deer do some really strange things in the big woods. They bed anywhere and everywhere. I have seen them go up and down the steepest slopes while I am sitting over a beautiful creek crossing or in a nice easy walking funnel or saddle. Then you throw in air currents in the hills and rising/dropping thermals, etc. I guess to conclude, they have more choices in the big woods vs intermixed ag/timber land. In addition the wind is never constant in the mountain country. Not trying to take away from those who hunt the flat ground as like I said before, mature deer are hard to hunt no matter the location. However, the hill/mountain country of SE Ohio will throw you more challenges that typically work out in the deer's favor (at least for me lol)/
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  20. I completely agree. Well said!
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