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If these things are happening in North Dakota what is to prevent them from happening here in Ohio?

"According to data obtained by ProPublica, oil companies in North Dakota reported more than 1,000 accidental releases of oil, drilling wastewater or other fluids in 2011, about as many as in the previous two years combined. Many more illicit releases went unreported, state regulators acknowledge, when companies dumped truckloads of toxic fluid along the road or drained waste pits illegally.
Rock Center's Harry Smith joins Brian Williams to answer viewer-submitted questions about Williston, the North Dakota town booming with jobs.
State officials say most of the releases are small. But in several cases, spills turned out to be far larger than initially thought, totaling millions of gallons. Releases of brine, which is often laced with carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals, have wiped out aquatic life in streams and wetlands and sterilized farmland. The effects on land can last for years, or even decades."


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In Ohio... we just have earthquakes from getting rid of oil drilling waste:
Experts blame Youngstown earthquakes on injection wells, not fracking

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Fracking industry insiders are speaking out after Wednesday's earthquake forum in Youngstown.

They said the record number of earthquakes was not caused by hydraulic fracturing, but linked to injection wells.
Hundreds packed the Covelli Center in Youngstown Wednesday worried about the 11 earthquakes in the city and wanting to know what caused them. The latest quake was on New Year's Eve.

Class two wells are used to dispose of wastewater from drilling. It's a different process than hydraulic fracturing where water, chemicals and sand are blasted into rocks thousands of feet below the ground to unlock natural gas and oil.

Executive Vice-President of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association said fracking did not cause the earthquakes.

"This well is not hydraulically fractured. Injection wells are meant for disposing of permanently, impounding in deep reservoirs a waste stream. In this case, a waste stream that comes from oil and gas wells where we produce formation water along with the oil and gas," Stewart said.
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