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Night hunting fox & Coyote

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Well it happened again. I have had the worst luck coyote/fox hunting. I think I am my own worst enemy. Every set up I make I get busted. This time I was calling in a small overgrown field next to a rail road. While the Fox Pro was singing the rabbit blues I thought I heard something. Of course it was straight down wind of me. I had the call setting about 20 yards to my north - cross wind. The RR was south of me about 20 yards it runs E. & W. When I finely gave up and collected the caller and left. There were fresh tracks in the snow on the RR track ties. I know this is the 5th. time I have called in a fox or coyote in the last 4 years of hunting. I still haven’t got one. Who knows how many others have busted me. One of these days it is all going to come together.

How many of you hunt at night? I have been trying it but the cords for lights and such give me fits! I have ordered a Elk Ridge thumb hole stock and have been tossing around the idea of running wires through the stock and putting a plug in the stock so when you put the light on the scope it just plugs into the stock with a short wire from the light to the stock. Then another plug in the back may be between the sling and but plate. This would be where you would plug in the battery. Then it would have the switch located in a handy place wired through the stock. This would eliminate all the wires hanging on the gun and tangling up. I almost hung my self with all the wires the other night. Partly by accident partly from frustration!

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big and hairy and smelly..... sounds like bigfoot was in the area??????

what the hell was behind you man???? Don't leave us hanging.

Why do I feel like I am being set up for a joke.

I think it would be good therapy if you tell us the details, really though you caught my interest and would like to hear about it.

If this ends with an alarm going off...

At this point I would have a hairy hood ornament on my little ford ranger!!!!!!!

Love a good story, fact or fiction.

1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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