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Night hunting fox & Coyote

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Well it happened again. I have had the worst luck coyote/fox hunting. I think I am my own worst enemy. Every set up I make I get busted. This time I was calling in a small overgrown field next to a rail road. While the Fox Pro was singing the rabbit blues I thought I heard something. Of course it was straight down wind of me. I had the call setting about 20 yards to my north - cross wind. The RR was south of me about 20 yards it runs E. & W. When I finely gave up and collected the caller and left. There were fresh tracks in the snow on the RR track ties. I know this is the 5th. time I have called in a fox or coyote in the last 4 years of hunting. I still haven’t got one. Who knows how many others have busted me. One of these days it is all going to come together.

How many of you hunt at night? I have been trying it but the cords for lights and such give me fits! I have ordered a Elk Ridge thumb hole stock and have been tossing around the idea of running wires through the stock and putting a plug in the stock so when you put the light on the scope it just plugs into the stock with a short wire from the light to the stock. Then another plug in the back may be between the sling and but plate. This would be where you would plug in the battery. Then it would have the switch located in a handy place wired through the stock. This would eliminate all the wires hanging on the gun and tangling up. I almost hung my self with all the wires the other night. Partly by accident partly from frustration!

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I only hunt when its light.It is too dangerous at dark.Let me explain.One dark night I was calling and my red lense light picked up some glaring eyes.They kept getting closer and closer then all of a sudden something big and hairy and smelly jumped me from behind.This was about 2 years ago and I will not call at night again.
Well I really don't like talking about the part where I got mauled.Still have flashbacks.It was in Athens county.
actually there was 2 sets of eyes glaring in the red lights illumination and they were steadily moving in on me and fast too.When they got about 25yds out from me and very close to the speaker the yotes stopped and their attention was clearly where the noise was coming from.I raised my scoped inline muzz to shoot and could clearly see both coyotes as it was almost like daylight with the snow on the ground.Thats when I got jumped from behind.It was as I said before and it was extremely strong.It threw me around like a rag doll and I weigh 200#.I tried to get hold of it but it had me.After THE mauling it turned to leave I went for my muzz. but it QUICKLY turned and knocked it from my hands.Then this thing rockets off toward the yotes,runs them down and scoops them up and its gone.
well the yotes are slung over this things hairy shoulder,they are squirming and trying to get away but no luck from the beasts death grip.then it dissappears over the hill .i find my gun and decide to get out of there and then i hear the awfulest sounds coming from the yotes from over the hill.fear sets in again and i figure i better get out of there fast.the farmers house is about 200yds behind me and my truck is parked in his driveway.I decide to get my caller as i can still hear the bawlin yotes over the hill.soon as i get my stuff i'm pickin up feet and putting them down.I get to my truck and throw everything in the back and even remove the cap from the muzz.once in the truck i feel a little safer but hurry and get that thing in gear and get out of there.down the driveway hill and onto the country gravel road i go .soon as i get on the road the thing runs out on the road in front of me and stops in the middle of the road,the yotes not on his shoulder anymore.it glares at me,this hairy beast and starts beating its chest and stomping its feet.i slam the brakes because this thing is big.I only got a little ford ranger.i see this thing ranting and raving and fear sets in,i realize my muzz is in the back and uncapped(dummy).Ten he starts slowly toward the truck,with a look that itself could kill.I am petrified.then I accidently let go the clutch,the truck jumps forward and stalls.No doubt this angers the beast more,now he emitts a loud earsplitting and extremely shrill sound.
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this is true and recorded at the athens police department.
he runs around the passenger side and back to the bed.i look in the mirror and its looking for something in the bed.then he,s gone.i slowly turn my head to my window and his big ugly head is pressed up against the glass.we are nose to nose.then i see more movement in my lights and theres the 2 coyotes.the thing sees them too and he runs out to them,bends down and pats their heads and off he goes into the timber with the coyotes on each side of him.my truck starts and i'm outta there.
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