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Night Fishing

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Innovator, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I'd like to get some of your ideas on night fishing. What are some of the products and techniques you use to make sure you dont let them get away when the sun sets?
  2. 1648 Lowe Super, all custom built and welded with flush aluminum decking and flooring, 50 hp Mercury, 65# Minn Kota All Terrain, 6 225 ultra halogen lights, 2 12v outlets for spotlights.

    PSE Barracuda, set at 32#, No Gloves, Fin Finder Hydro Glide rest, Muzzy reel seat, Muzzy reel spooled with 200# Fast Flite, Black Dog custom arrow shafts tipped with Cajun Long Barb points.

    Not to many fish live to tell about it the next morning. I have ten more light housings for it, going to add four and do some other mods to the boat during the fall. Really thinking about selling it to buy an 1872 and a 150 hp.

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  3. Might not be what you were thinking for replies, but its fishing at night. And I catch more....hehe.

    Oh, a good GPS on the rig is an absolute must.

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  4. Not exactly, but appreciated:).My reason for asking is I am working on a new technology that could possibly help when trolling, bank fishing or fishing at night. I will be able to tell you more about it in around 4 to 6 weeks from now. Im also thinking it could possibly be used in tournaments. Just wanted to get a feel for whats currently used.
  5. Black lights, trilene big cat line- the stuff glows beautifully and the bugs ain't to bad either. I use Abu 6500 with bait clickers, it's too hard to watch your rid all night. And we keep head lamps, I think the big cats are afraid of the lights or mayb I just catch more in the pitch dark.

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  6. Here it is, the first computerized fishing pole with digital readout and adjustable sensitivity. Great for bank fishing, night fishing, drifting, trolling or if you use multiple poles. It's called Poletap Smartrod.

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