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News From PA (excerpts from PA Outdoor News)

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Buck Buster, Mar 12, 2018 at 6:14 PM.

  1. Thought some may have a little interest in what goes on in PA being Ohio is pretty close. First of three excerpts is about a new CWD management area in Southeastern PA.
  2. T[​IMG]his is most of the article, it gives all of the important information.

  3. The next excerpt questions and also shows how a change in the way things are figured or should I say using numbers that one likes can make a big difference. When estimating a states deer population (any state) it is only that an estimate, it could be high or it could be low. In my OPINION there is much room for improving the accuracy of knowing the true deer numbers in a state that only estimates the deer population. [​IMG]
  4. The PA Auditor General believes an audit of the PGC is overdue after nearly a decade of collecting and spending many millions of dollars in Shale Gas proceeds and Timber and Coal revenues from their Game Lands. Who did you hear this from before? Rep. David Maloney said he was pleased that an audit was going to get started soon. He also said that hunters numbers have declined by about 200,000 and that's for a reason, and he said that the reason is mismanagement of wildlife; primarily white tailed deer. Who did you hear this from before? Maloney also expressed concerns about the dwindling numbers of Ruffed Grouse. I only hope that something good can come of this, many are aware that the PGC needs an over due overhaul. [​IMG]