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I'm new to the forum as well and have not hunted Ohio yet but I wanted to reply to your choke question. I've hunted turkey for years in Michigan and now Tennessee. Never in my life have I achieved such a pattern as this year with my 835. I put an Indian Creek choke and am shooting the Hevi Shot Blend. I just put the smack down on two Toms last week in TN and they didn't even flop after the shot. One came in close at I actually shot his head right off the pattern was so tight. I'm going to be lurking on this site as I want to start scouting Ohio public land to lengthen my turkey hunting seasons as Michigan only allows one bird and it gets expensive heading to TN. I hope it's ok for a Michigan boy who married a Buckeye to poach on this site LOL Good luck and I wish you the best in your hunting for Turkey. It's all I want to hunt anymore LOL Ken
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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