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New to turkey hunting

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Hi guys,
My name's Josh and I'm new to this forum and new to hunting turkey. My wife and I moved to Stark County, Ohio a little over six years ago when we found out she was pregnant. We've visited Ohio quite a few times before moving here and decided we wanted to raise our kids with more family around than we would have had out west. My wife has a lot of relatives here and we are big on family.
I'm an avid fisherman and I have to admit, I truely miss the salmon and steelhead fishing we got on the west coast. I haven't hunted since my early twenties but it was a huge part of my life as a young man and I want to get back into it now so I can introduce my son and daughter to the joys (and sometimes pain) of the outdoor life.
Im a CCW holder so I spend quite a bit of time at the indoor range shooting for fun, practice, relaxation. I just joined a gun club and took my 12ga. out there yesterday to pattern it to see what's going to work for it. It's a Mossberg 500 combo wearing a Gobble Stopper red dot. I have to admit, I think 75% of the reason I put a red dot on a 12 ga. is because I think it's just cool. Not really necessary, but cool none the less and at 40 yrs, my eyes arent what they used to be.
Bsides this long winded introduction, I actually have a point in posting here. A couple questions. One concerning a choke and load for my 500. I know the 535 and I think the 930 uses the same choke as the 500s do. Can any of you seasoned turkey killers point me in the right direction concerning a choke? Right now, I'm looking at an Undertaker that has come highly reccomended by a few friends who shoot Miriams back west. I hear the Jellyhead is excellent too. Another question is where to hunt. Since I haven't hunted in Ohio and I have no friends who hunt here, I'm reaching out to see if anyone can point me in the right direction...literally. I'd really like to do some scouting and have an idea there are birds around before I pack up and treck off into the woods.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.....heck...a seasoned hunting partner would be even better.
Thanks guys, good luck and have a great season.
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First off, welcome to the forums and to the state. I can't help much with the choke question, but as a fellow transplant, it can be a little overwhelming where to start looking for info as to where to go. A good first step is checking out the ODNR website for local WMA's. They have a regonal interactive map that can help you track down what is closest. Next step would be to make phone calls and troll the forums for references to those areas closest and maybe post with specific questions about those areas. GW's and wildlife area personel are the best resources early on in the search. Turkey hunters tend to be shut mouthed about specifics, but you may be able to get someone to help you out with some info. I'd offer you something directly, but I'm in a different area of the state. All I know is you have lots of birds in you neighborhood. Lastly, wear out some boot leather. Get out in your choosen spots and look and listen. Preseason calling should be limited to locators like crow and owl. Get familiar with the terrain and nail down the locations of as many birds as you can. Roost the night before the opener just to make sure your chossen bird is still there and hold on tight. Good luck and looking forward to hearing about your success!
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Did you get in on the Turkey contest?
No, I didn't. I just joined the froum today so this is the first I'm hearing of it.
Thanks for the advice. Ive been to ODNR's site looking at the WMAs around NE. Ohio. I hadn't really thought of seeking out a GW :yikes: but that seems to be a really logical place to start. Thanks again.
I replied to you under "just movd to Ohio "thread lol check it out lol

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you got a lot of friends here...but anytime you like if you want to go look into the woods thats called wayne national...just give me a shout...i'm there a lot...so just say the word...weekends and turks are there as is other small game and deer...:D...:D
I'm new to the forum as well and have not hunted Ohio yet but I wanted to reply to your choke question. I've hunted turkey for years in Michigan and now Tennessee. Never in my life have I achieved such a pattern as this year with my 835. I put an Indian Creek choke and am shooting the Hevi Shot Blend. I just put the smack down on two Toms last week in TN and they didn't even flop after the shot. One came in close at I actually shot his head right off the pattern was so tight. I'm going to be lurking on this site as I want to start scouting Ohio public land to lengthen my turkey hunting seasons as Michigan only allows one bird and it gets expensive heading to TN. I hope it's ok for a Michigan boy who married a Buckeye to poach on this site LOL Good luck and I wish you the best in your hunting for Turkey. It's all I want to hunt anymore LOL Ken
Wow KGS. I wonder what she saw in you? Lol. Tons of good hunting on state land ...

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Besides charm, wit and being handsome I'm not really sure. She did get me eating chili over pasta which I thought I'd never do LOL
Hi Josh, welcome to the site. I have a Mossberg 500 and an 870 super mag. My Mossberg patterns really well with a Hastings .660 non ported tube and Winchester xx 3inch mags in 2oz #4 shot. Took a bird a couple years ago at 55 yards. Just got a jellyhead for the 870 and gonna give it a try this weekend. Tried the undertaker in the 870 and wasnt impressed. Hope this helps. Check out Wing Supply. They carried the Hastings tubes. They have a website and are mail order, located in Kentucky. Good luck. Cant help you with a place to hunt in Stark county, as I am in Greene. Take care and have a safe, successful season.
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