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New to Ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Ohiooutdoors, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. I'm brand new to Ohio, and wondering where is a good place to Hunt. I like Bow and sometimes gun, but I prefer getting outdoors the most...any help would be appreciated!
  2. Depends on where your at I assume

  3. I'm in the Columbus area, but don't mind driving a bit outside

    I'm in the Columbus area, but don't mind driving a bit outside
  4. Don't know much up that way, I know anywhere east or south east the deer are plentyfull, check out the odnr for public hunting around you, and get out there and scout, and get a plan together
  5. There's plenty right in your area, just look around.

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  6. I'd take a look at Deer Creek off of 71 South. Some nice sized deer over there.
    It's not very far from where you live.

  7. Within an hour you can be in Hocking Hills. Good areas to hunt down that way. Areas near big cities tend to draw a lot of pressure due to easy access. Good luck to you and welcome to Ohio.
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  8. Thanks for the good tips - I got maps of deer creek wildlife management area and also the AEP coal lands just an hour east of me! Looking forward to getting out this fall..
  9. Deer Creek should be pretty close as well.

  10. avondale which is also owned by aep and blue rock are both south of zanesville shouldn't be that bad of a drive from columbus
  11. If you do your homework, just like Gary posted, there's areas right around Columbus itself that have pockets where you can get in. Local townships harbor some VERY big bucks.
  12. Rushcreek has some good spots!
  13. Where is Rushcreek? I couldn't find it through google.

    Checked out Deer Creek today, it looks very productive, although looks like quite a bit of pressure.
  14. Rush creek is just north of lancaster.
  15. Good luck on public land... Your best bet is to go knocking on farmers doors...It never hurts to ask least they can say is no...But you would be surprised of the old farmers that will let ya hunt... The ones that let me i try to help em put up their hay and try to help em out as much as i can to show my appreciation...
  16. Rushcreek is just east of Lancaster off St. Rt. 22 at the Perry County Line. Rushcreek has a ton of public land. Much of it very hard to access and I', posative thos spots dont get much pressure. I promise you that their are some gaints on Rushcreek. It's only prob 5-8 miles from my farm. If you go shoot me a call and stop bye. My number can be found by following the links below.
  17. Looks as thought you live in Westerville, If that is the case you are about 15min. from Alum Creek State park, which happens to be a public hunting area, and i believe they have bow hunting zone only... also i have seen some pretty big deer up at Delaware state park while rabbit hunting. you may be able to check both of those out for week day hunts!
    its going to be hard to find public areas that are not hunted hard around here!
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  18. You can spend years trying to figure out which publicland to hunt. My answer is..It doesnt matter which piece of public you choose..There are 140" bucks that roam the hollows and ridges of every peice of public in the state.

    Its not where you hunt...rather.. its how you hunt.