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New to Crossbows

Discussion in 'Ohio Crossbow Hunting' started by ekoog82, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Im new to crossbows and recently picked up a horton hunter xs. I need to get bolt and tips for them. Any recommendations? or feed back on this crossbow? Is it a good bow?
  2. I just picked one up for my son about a month ago. We have been shooting the 20" surge composite arrows from carbon express with 100 grain tips and they seem to fly fast and true.

  3. Use carbon fiber bolts...I pefer 125 grain muzzys but thats my preference...You can use what ever you like...
  4. Grim Reaper broadheads are the way to go! Shot 4 deer with them leave a heck of a blood trail! I have a horton summit 150 shoots good love crossbows.
  5. 20" bolt. And I like rage 100g two blade

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  6. Thanks for the feed back... I'll be heading out Tuesday to get the bolts and look at the broadheads.
  7. Remember not to buy broad heads made for crossbows only. The only thing you will be getting to over priced broad heads.

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  8. Get yourself 100 grain muzzy mx4's you cant go wrong im more than sure you will be happy with the results...

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  9. Sorry for stepin on your post swanie made the comment from my cell phone something im new to on this phone i hit the wrong button lol

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  10. No blood no fool. It's all good.

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  11. X2!! I use Grim Reaper expandables out of my Parker Tornado and they cut a massive hole.
  12. NAP Spitfire Maxx 100gr
  13. Can't go wrong with the spitfires. If interested we have a crossbow deer camp on the Wayne coming in Nov 3rd.
  14. Muzzys bad to the bone, mx 3s fly true and gives you bone crushing penetration. Strongest broad head I've ever shot out of my Excalibur.

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  15. G5 montec 125gr awesome head spins true razor sharp and flys like a laser.

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  16. I swear by muzzy i just switch up from the 100 grain to the 125 grain leaves one hell of a blood trail never lost a deer yet with muzzys

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  17. What is everyone's opinion on rage?
  18. Rage are mechanical, I tend to stay with fixed blades with crossbow, how much of a difference do the 125 muzzys shoot from 100s

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  19. Love'em with my crossbow.....absolutely huge entry & exit holes! Never have seen anything like it