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New Tank!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. And I do mean TANK!!!!! Bought the pump for my upcoming bait tank, the tank I keep at home for the leftover bait and fresh caught.

    We had a discontinued 3000gph pond pump(this thing can move some serious water!) that we had for a while, I found it at the end of summer and just now purchased it. Regular for $280.....guess how much I got it for? This is awesome......$2.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus

    Next, the big rubbermaid for Tractor Supply.
  2. DONT go down that road

    Big bait tanks are good..but like everything else in catting are addicting as me;)

    3000gph..are you nuts? "this thing can move some serious water!' well no could keep stream trout alive with that
    After you got your HOME tank set need a transport tank...a nice 150qt igloo cooler with a 750GPH pump works great..also need a smaller one like a 48qt with a 500GPH pump too;)
    A work buddy named Rod Neil got into cattin a few years ago..i helped him out with his transport tank..using a deep cycle trolling battery ive kept bait alive for 3 days in mine..his is a 125 igloo and works great..heres the link to his bait tanks
    Now he did mess up on the pump hes got when he did this page..its a 750GPH pump like mine..not a 750 gallons per min. geez!
    If you wanted a big tank like his(he says its 350 gals. i say more like 375-400 gals.?) but i can get ya the same tank CHEAP..just let me a great deal on all kinds of other plastic tanks(all shapes, sizes, ect.) CHEAP!! like 55 gal. plastic drums(great shad tanks)
    I dont use my 275 gal. tank all that much any more(i go through a LOT of bait fast), but if i were to buy a new one from a store..the plastic rubbermaids are the ones i'd buy..very heavy duty tanks and come in lots of sizes! Tractor supply is the place for them.

  3. Sounds like a very good set-up...I was going to shoot for something like that this year, but I am just going to stick with cut-bait, for all my fishing now.
  4. WOW what a pump. Use it in a 55 gal barrel and you will have some strong fish trying to swim with the current that will produce. LOL

    I didn't get a chance to build a bait tank but I will try it this year.
  5. I already have my fish transport tank. The 55 gallon rubbermaid I built late last season. Used a 650gph livewell pump, homemade spray bar and filter for the inlet. This thing is titz.....

    Next I will build a 30 gallon size for the boat, this way I can bring plenty of larger baits and bring fish back.

    Scott, since you're not going to deliver the no-rolls:rolleyes: :eek: I'll bring my 55 with's art!!! I still can't believe you don't deliver:cool: :p