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New Tackle?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Flatheadmaniac, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. What new tackle has everyone purchased (or going to) for next season?
    I do a lot of "shopping" through out the year and buy tackle whenever i get the itch, but i try to do most of my buying during winter to help fight that cabin fever thing.
    My latest purchase was the new 2003 Shimano Stradic, i like the look of the new one a lot more than my 2002 white stradic.
    I also have my sights on some more Japanese reels..once you use these reels you'll find it hard to buy American ones anymore.
    There are 3 major branches of the Shimano line..Japan, U.K. & America..from what ive been told they consider it "dishonorable" to put out better quality tackle in any one of the other markets , than they put out in the HOME market of Japan...ive also heard that the lowest quality tackle is aimed at the US market with the UK market being better than ours...yup!
    If anyone in here really enjoys GREAT tackle and loves shimano stuff, check out the Japanese'd be surprised to see how much better thier stuff is..i have many of the Japanese reels and will agree!
    If anyone fishes tournys and uses thier tackle a lot and depends on the best there is and is interested in checking out some of these reels...give me a shout and i'll give ya some links.

    As for new Rods i have a few ordered already, they just released the new St. Croix rods for 2003 with some real nice new rods in thier line up.
    Other than that its just the same old thing..restock my hooks and pour lots of sinkers.
  2. Here is a sight I found for tons of Japan tackle, you can buy used reels too........Stellas for CHEAP!!!!!!!!! Here's a link:Tackle

    As far as new tackle for next year. I plan to get two Abu 6500 for customizing, they will be my channel cat boat rods. I plan to add polished bearings, X-smooothies, 3.8:1 gears, CT(non level wind) frame and Japanese style power handle. Each will be on 8' MH Croix's. I figure when I'm finished with them I should be able to cast a mile and pull up China from the bottom of the river!

  3. Thanks Bottom Bouncer

    I had the first link you posted, but not the 2nd one.
    Heres where i got all my upgrades for my Abu's and Calcutta's.
    Click on "Reels" then "Reel Candy" for all the upgrades.
  4. I will be busy making worm harnesses and rigging up spoons for spring walleye....jennsnet craft is a gold mine for cheap tackle
  5. Why wait until next year ??

    I got this one this morning, Christmas Eve !!

    "You are bidding on a brand new, never used, one-piece 6'9' St. Croix, Heavy Power, Fast Action Graphite Rod - #AM69HF. It lists 20-50 lb. test and 1-5 oz. lure weight. This rod also features The Top Tip Top which is the new silicone carbide guide that is nearly 2X harder than previous St. Croix carbide rings. It is not supposed to chip or break and won't fray braided lines. This rod is perfect for those who like to go after the bigger catch."

  6. Nice stik there Jimmy

    I saw that one on ebay, but its too short for what i like...Thats the same tip top they have put on a lot of thier 2003 rods ....the new surf rods are REALLY nice with better guides and a carbon/graphite woven fibers in the whole butt section .
    Since i get a certain % off of St. Croix rods, i ordered a "few";)
  7. Thanks for the links guys. I have been wanting to upgrade my 6500's and just couldn't find where.
  8. Hey Scott, who do you think gave you that hatteras link?;)
  9. I need to purchase alot more terminal tackle, I am just about out of hooks, sinkers, line swivels etc...Other than that I doubt I will be buying anything new..What I have now will do the job for a couple years.
  10. Jack......

    I like your answer. You make too much sense !!
    Heck, you caught a + 50# fish with it....what more do you need ?!:)
    I'm done too, unless I upgrade some rods if I can get them for about 1/2 off retail. I get 30% off thru one connection & when they clear out the store samples( over 1,000 rods), he does me better. He sells all of them within 1 week too !!
  11. I'm thinking about trying the Cajun line this year. Heard from a few guys in FL. that it is pretty good. I'm kinda gun shy because I tried stren on my light spinning gear and hated it!!!!!!!!!
    Silver Thread has been the most reliable for me.

    Are you guys going to try any new terminal gear or rigging ideas this year? I have a few ideas..........mainly involving those three way swivels, the kind without the ring in the middle.....and a few other swivels. Going to try lighter line too and heavier depends on situation.
  12. Happy Days !!

    Went to BPS Outdoor World today. They have some new St Croix rods there, Musky rods and some pro glass. He said he's still working on the Classic Cat rods. Well, I couldn't keep my hands of the PMF 7'6" rod as I already have that model, along with a few others. The 7'6" is my favorite-so far. The also had a Columbia rain jacket 1/2 off & I had that in my basket along with a real neat rod prop that holds 3 rods. I'll get a picture of it & post it when I use it. Anyway, I was there to get my son some new boots. I get to the checkout, pull out my Rewards Card. I decide to see how many points I have after I check out. That rod was supposed to be mine !! I hand it to the young lady there, she says I have $141.00 !! So I go back & get the rod, hand the clerk my rewards check, got change back. Hard to beat that my new rod & money back !:D
  13. I'm gonna buy the dragonfly lure, a motorized lure, and a bottlecap lure....

    but actually I'm going to try not to have to buy anything this year, but if I do it will most likely be Big-O's, Riplin Redfins, or spinnerbaits.
  14. I have been playing with a new G.Loomis drop shot rod at the BPS (DSR820C 6' 10" 4 - 8 1/8 - 3/8). Did get one of the new 2003 Shimano Stradics (I also like the newer model). Other than that, I only PLAN to get a new UL crankbait rod for river smallmouth (looking for rod rated at 4lb test with a slow action). However, my PLANS may change as I see new tackle!LOL