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New pup and new kennel

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by The_Duck_Hunter, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Thought I'd share some pics of the new pup I will be picking up next week. She is 8 wks old today. I think these photos were taken at about 6 or 7 weeks,

    Also the other photos are of my new kennel. Lady is in the left side and Annie in the right.

    Thanks for viewing.





    See how hot it was that day. The sun warped the photo.
  2. Very nice pup there. ;)

  3. Good looking pup there bud. And a nice looking kennel also. I need to build myself one of those soon

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  4. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Nice looking pup. :)
  5. Nice looking pups and kennel. Congrats.
  6. Good looking pup, what is the breed?
  7. Dang, you are making me want to go from two to three also. (must resist, lol) Darn addictive hound doggies. Cute pup! The more the merrier, eh? :D
  8. What a little baby. Will you need to add an additional wing on their kennel?

  9. Doesnt seem like theyll have much room....?

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  10. Plenty of room in the kennels for 2 to a side. The runs are 3' x 4', and the boxes are 2' x 3'.

    The breeding is Ranger Dan top and bottom. Here is her pedigree:

    Yeah bluedog, the more the merrier. Don't go talking yourself out of a 3rd one now. After all, I am gonna breed Annie soon and will keep one out of her to round my pack out to 4. I'll quit at that. lol. I think.

    Thanks for viewing and for all the comments. I look forward to watching her turn into a real rabbit dog!
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  11. They look like great dogs. Reminds me of mine as pups. Good luck with them.

    Didnt mean any negative feelings in asking about having enough room.

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  12. Got a call from my buddy this past week. 1 of the 3 litters of pups his dogs had got coxidia. It wasn't the litter I'm getting my lil girl from, but he didn't want to release any of the pups until the treatment is finished. He's treating all 3 litters as a precaution.So its gonna be another 2 weeks before I can go pick her up :-(
    That's telling a kid will be 2 weeks late! lol
  13. LOL! Good luck on the 2 week delay. Seems like I have a Tom Petty song in my head right now. :)

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  14. Guys, and gals, I went and picked up my new pup this past Sunday. Here is my buddy posing her while I took the pic:


    She's about 3 weeks older than the 1st pics I posted.
  15. Good looking pup bud..

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