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New member from NC

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Steven Lunsford, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. I'm an avid bowhunter and I have been reading a lot about hunting whitetails in Ohio. I'm currently trying to plan a hunting trip to Ohio for me and my father for the 2013 season. I'm hoping to find access to some private land or be able to find a good place to hunt on public land. I'm in the Army and I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan. I'm going to try to plan at least one or two scouting trips in the summer of 2013. I'm looking for a place that is going to give me a good chance at taking a 140"+ mature whitetail. I don't mind to shoot a doe, but I'm not interested in shooting small bucks. During season I will only be bowhunting and I'm going to be taking 2 to 3 weeks on this hunting trip. Anyone who is willing to reply with advice or willing to PM me with advice I greatly appreciate it. I have a strong passion for bowhunting whitetails and I hate that I'm missing this upcoming season, but I look forward to reading the success stories of the hunters on this forum. I also enjoy seeing the pictures of your successful hunts. Good Luck.

  2. Welcome to the site and thank you for serving our country in Afghanistan. My grand daughter just came back from there this spring.

    Ohio has both private and public land that will fit into your hunting plans. One member on this site has a bow hunting camp that everyone is invited to. I'm sure he would welcome you and your father to join in the fun. His group hunts public land with great success. Coonskinner is his handle on this site. Look up his posts about the camp.

    Again, that you for your service and be safe.


  3. Welcome. And thanks for service.
    Southern ohio has alot of public land and chances are good you will see a mature buck if you are here the first couple weeks of Nov.

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  4. Welcome. I can put you inline with some places to hunt. Give me a yell when you plan on coming up this way.

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  5. Thank you all for giving me advice and being willing to help me.