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New idem you're most looking foward to trying out this season

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by tcountyhunter, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. What new idem is everybody looking foward to trying out the most this season? Mine would have to be the new Magnum Roar by Primos.
  2. Lighted nocks, Never tried them before so looking forward to it.

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  3. Schu72

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    I have some new beman ICS Hunter Pro arrows that I'm looking forward to harvesting a deer with. Also have some new vertigo grey camo I'm looking forward to trying out.
  4. Looking forward to having a few muzzy moments yelling "I Shot it with my new PSE!!!:
  5. I'm just excited about trying my luck in OH! Excited about seeing bigger deer than the deer in SC. And excited about arrowing a buck I've got my eye on named, "Camel."
    He has a hump in his back.

    Oh yeah... And i just got a Mathews Z7 Extreme! lol That too.
  6. I'm going to try a decoy this year. ;)
  7. 3 bld.hills hornet 130 gr. and ma3 130 far...i like...just got in from shootin them...:D
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  8. Just got lighted nocs. An ready to shoot a deer with my new bear. Be first season in a long time with a compound

  9. Farmers and Hunters feeding the hungry, thought about it but have never donated. This year.
  10. Excellent program! I have donated a bunch.

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  11. Can't wait to test the Scent Blocker protect in mossy oak infinity, I've always been a fan of mossy oak treestand so ill will see how it holds out

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  12. I'm going the other way i just picked up a scent smoker. I'm interested to see how well it works.
  13. Tried it last year for a week.. Never saw a deer...
    Washed all my clothes again.. starting seeing deer first day.
  14. I was drawn for a closed park hunt in the Urban zone.. I plan to donate a couple to FHFH.
    I was happy to find a participating butcher in Darke County..(Bradford)
  15. I was hoping it world work because i am also hunting closed parks in urban zones. You hunting Hamilton county by chance?
  16. Darke, Preble, and Montgomery
  17. Kings?

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  18. Yep!
  19. Nice. I wasn't aware of this. I'm only about 10 min away.

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  20. Looking to try out my new(to me) video camera and camera arm setup. Would also love to kill a buck with my recurve this year!!