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New Cook for Deer Camp 2003

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Spitfire, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. As of right now we have ithoyts and Q2XL as the designated cooks for Deer Camp 2003. Congratulations to the two of you I hope we can look forward to some good eats this year. So, whats on the menu?
  2. Lobster for Camp

    Chef Q2XL

    Would you see if Honda would donate the Lobsters for Deer camp this year. Ray will bring the Caviar and Cold Duck. I will bring the butter for the lobster and glasses for the wine.:p

  3. I'll stick with beer thanks. There were a couple sissy's that drank wine at camp last year though. LOLOLOL!!!!!!
  4. Spitfire

    Dont tell no one but its a cover-up we poured out all the wine from the bottles and put Jack and Beam in them so enjoy, Hey also what do you think of eatting alittle tail around a campfire.:D
  5. I'm not drinking that hard stuff either, I want to be able to get up in the morning and do some hunting. Eating what around the campfire?
  6. Lobster Tails if the new chef will bring them. :cool:
  7. We made barbaque chicken over the fire last year which was awesome! Got to do that again. I am cooking those this year for everyone!
  8. The way we eat at camp, I don' think any of these request are out of the question. The challenge is before us Q2, let's rock.

  9. You guys make what ya want cause old spitfire is going to be kickin back by the fire with a cold one. Just ring the dinner bell when it's ready.
  10. How does someone stop by to say "HEY" ?

    I don't need a place to hunt or stay I simply like to get away from my clients now & then.... Many times they are either my new best friend = they scored :D or they look at you with sad puppy dog eyes wondering how could I not put them in the super secret hunting spot that the others were taken too = tag still intact :(

    I'll be good and cover my back tracks :D
  11. Im The Dishwasher

    Hey Guys

    Don't forget Im doing the dishes, is there a place to plug in my dishwasher, TV and oh yes I can't forget my port-a-pot with automatic flush and seat warmer. :D
  12. Atrkyhntr, if you want to stop by and say "hey" feel free to do so. Your more than welcome at our camp.
    Dont worry dear_hunter nobody has forgotten that you are doing dishes.
  13. Come on Wick, give credit for the awesome BBQ chicken! The "Zaleski Grill" did all the work! Did someone say lobster? What Kind of deer camp is this?
  14. Im from the hills and to my family we can eat them little lobsters everyday all we have to do is go down to the creek and get us a whole mess of them there Lobsters ( crawdads ). Them are so good diped in our home made butter.:p
  15. Oh my gosh!!!! I thought we were talkin real lobster, not its 4th cousin removed! LOLOLOL!!!!!
  16. Spitfire

    You havent had crawdads before, them there is really good I Guar-ron-tee you will like them little critters.:D
  17. I dont know about that! Since you "guar-ron-tee" that I will like them are you going to buy me a 12 pack of Michelob light if I dont?
  18. spitfire

    I will getcha a whole mess of crawdads for deer camp, and will buy you a 12 pck ifin you don't like them there fish.:p
  19. I wouldn't classify them as fish but since I already know I dont like them i'll take my 12 pack in bottles. LOLOL!!!!!
  20. i got the perfect thing to fix for deer camp.BOLOGNA sandwiches and POTATO CHIPS.lolololo!!!!!!!dont worry me and ITHOYTS will fix some good vittles for you all.sure there DEAR HUNTER bring some crawdads i love them things with some cold brews.