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New calls?

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Turkinator, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. What new calls are you either adding or wanting to add this year? I picked up a Billy White hustlin hen box. A Richard Hudson trumpet. And a bunch of Hooks mouth calls. And a Loftis crystal screamer. If I make it to Nashville an Albert Paul or a Halloran box is riding home with me. How about you other call junkies?
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  2. I've been using the MAD Shipp Wreck mouth call since the late 90's. I must have 3 or 4 of these in the fridge right now. I also have a slate call and some other MAD mouth calls but the Shipp Wreck and Shipp Wreck 2 are my go to's.
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  3. I guess I will be using one like this from Bills Custom Calls I may try a copper pot this year never had one of those

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  4. This was given to me as a gift along with a 'H.S. Strut - Li'L Deuce' stick carbon call. Never been turkey hunting in my life. I think I'm going to give it a go this spring. I've been practicing with the calls from time to time throughout the winter.

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  5. What calls do you make? I'm looking for an aluminum in either cherry or walnut.
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  6. I have some aluminum surfaces here I also have walnut and cherry to make the pots
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  7. I have a custom call being made as we speak by Bills Custom Calls!! Even got to pick out the wood and call background!! Can't wait to use it this spring!!
  8. Better not go wildlife!! You think Whitetails are fun, you will be hooked dude!! Nothing like it man!! The sound of thunder!! Love it!! Gobble gobble!! Spit spit drum!!!! Oh man I'm making myself excited thinking about it!!
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  9. And of course my bamboozled!! Some birds eat that call up, it's rediculous sometimes!!
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  10. I'll be picking up a few new Zink mouth calls sometime soon. Yeah Bryan that bamboozled call has a unique sound to it. Reaches out there!!!
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  11. Thought it was time for an avatar change too!!!
  12. Nice!!! I almost used that pic with both of us in it!! Lol!! Looks awesome with all the spring greenery
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  13. I thought about that too, but dont think I can crop it down to the size the site will accept and keep us both in it!!!
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  14. Keep that one it looks cool!!!
  15. Oh yeah I love those pics!!! It's pretty cool to look at pics of the first one I killed and then the second and seeing how much things greened up in just a couple weeks.
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  16. The only thing on my list is a Phoenix striker from Close Calls. It's extremely thin and I tend to love the sound from thin hard strikers. I'm ready for spring. Oh, and you guys got me joinin in on the avatar update
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  17. Is that your fall bird from this past season? The one that came in gobbling like it was April?
    Haven't talked to you for a while. My deer season has been slow!!! I've seen a few good ones but things haven't came together for a shot.
  18. Yep that's my fall bird. He was in a big group of gobblers and I luckily got right in the middle of a major pecking order dispute. I gobbled at them a couple times and they came in to give me an attitude adjustment haha
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  19. Got one of Bill's aluminum in a cherry pot ordered.
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  20. I'm practicing with my new " STRUT ZONE CALL " here turkey, turkey, turkey, BOOM! [​IMG]
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