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New BPS catalog..

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. is pretty cool. I like how they added more saltwater gear and have a wide selection of reels.
    That new 700TE........I'd rather have a Trinidad. It looks too compact and round. The handle looks a lot stronger and user friendly.
  2. I got mine the other day and agree.

    It is bigger than other master Catalogues that I remember from before.

  3. Got mine Monday and it alot better then the past ones.:)
  4. BB

    lol..Yea the Trinidad is a great reel..BUT has no level-wind. I checked out Mark's(Fisherman's) and i like the handle a lot with the new grip..i contacted Shimano to find out if i can get an exact match for my Calcutta 700TE..i like this new reel a lot;)
    Matt did a great job of getting me this reel as soon as his Shimano rep. got his hands on one before they went into store :D
    Maybe if they would have offered a level-wind model in the Trinidad i would have bought one of them..but i feel the Calcutta 700TE will work just fine next to my Conquest Calcuttas too;)
  5. I got one I just enjoy looking at all the neat stuff I cant afford:D
  6. Nice stuff

    I'm glad I can just look & don't have to buy !!;)