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Never turkey hunted.....

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by j_blocker, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. but i would like to give it a try this spring, what does it take?
    any and all info is appreciated.

  2. I started learning about turkey hunting by watching some of the tv shows and then I went to the library and got out as many books as I could about it. I also bought a few tapes.(Got quite a few now:eek: )
    While the TV shows are okay I would recomend "So you want to be a Turkey Hunter" tape from HS Strut to start out with.
    You should also think about what calls you are going to use. Box,friction,diaphram and push/pull calls are the various choices. Since I have "gag reflex" I do not use diaphrams. I use box and friction calls. Once you decide what you prefer .....practice practice practice. There are many types of calling that you will need to learn...yelps,clucks,purrs and many others.

    Then you have your shotgun patterning to do.:D You have to pattern your shotgun to determine what shotshells perform the tightest pattern in your gun. You also should get a turkey choke that will tighten the pattern up even more.

    I have only touched the tip of the iceberg Jason......there is alot to learn .

  3. Thanks for the info nut, a friend of the family owns 200+ acres in noble county so i guess i have until dpring to figure it out.

  4. Hey j_blocker ,
    Myself and a very good friend might hunt Spring turkeys in Ohio.
    We've had many offers to hunt down there.
    I'd be more than happy to join you and show you how-to.
  5. I might take you up on that.

  6. Welcome to turkey hunting. It's great. I started by talking to folks I know that hunted them. They got me looking forward to the hunt. As folks have siad there are so many calls & weapans to choose from. Get some try them use what you like sale the rest. Or do what I do & give them to new comers I whould send you some but I'm all out. Thats how I got started. It's a great way to send a spring morning. When the woods are greening up. Makes me happy to be a live & in the woods.:)
  7. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    ODNR Class

    The ODNR does a VERY informative class similar to the hunter safety classes. I went my first year and I attended again two years later when I got my dad into it and had him attend. The instructors were VERY knowledgable and did a nice job balancing the how too and safety. You can't stress safety enough in spring turkey hunting, with people in camo, using decoys and sounding like birds. It seems like every year I talk to some hack trying to sneak up on birds. They're an accident waiting to happen. :confused:
  8. So do you need decoys or is the sound enough to bring them in?

  9. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Decoys are definetly NOT a needed. Luxury for sure, they give the birds soemthing to look at instead of you. All you really need is a call you feel good about using, camo and a gun that you've patterned and know it's effective range. Usually 40 yards or less depending on choke and loads.
  10. I'm with Lance, Call the ODNR and they have classes to help you out and tapes from H.S Strut to get you in the right direction. I would be willing to help you out. But you need to check out some calls and pratice.
  11. Along with your camo and screen get yourself a good vest with lots of easy access pockets and a real comfortable ground pad(drop down seat) ! That spring ground can get awful cold, damp and hard! The easier the access is to your calls, chew, etc; the less movement you willm make and the less you will catch the eye of a wary Tom. Oh, and don't wear anything red, white,or blue, or that has feathers on it! :eek:
  12. Don't call too much or they won't come in. Once you get that gobble, call very sparingly or not at all based on its position and just wait. If you call too much it will think you will come to it.
  13. Nobody said join the N W T F ??? hmnmnn :(

    Go to Click here to visit the N W T F and join up then go to the ohio link and find a local chapter :D

    If it wasn't for the N*** we may not be having this conversation right now ;)
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