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Need some suggestions......

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by BuckSmacker69, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Have some really nice bucks on cam this year. The brute only shows up at both cam spots on my 40 acres between 11:30 pm and 4 am. Have corn and salt lick at both. What can I do to try to up my odds of getting him to stop by during daylight? I only have seen him at 6 am one day. Have sort of an idea where he is coming from and goin after hittin the corn but have no access to any other property around me to try to get on him. I can only assume its a matter of bein in the stand much as I can and wait for him to make a mistake and cruise by? The group stops by often durin early morning but have my eye on the other! Thanks!

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  2. My thoughts: patience and dont over hunt the area. by the end of oct. beginning of nov. he will be on his feet more during daylight hours checking scraps and seeking does. In my experience theres not much you can do to entice a mature buck to move during daylight until he is ready. good luck catching him!
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  3. Yea, wait till the rut starts to kick in. When the timing is right he'll be on his feet all day. It sounds like you have him some what patterned. Only hunt the area when the situation is right. Good luck with him. ;)
  4. you might try and get a lil closer to where he beds at. that is where big bucks feel safe, and usually they have a staging are that they will get up and roam around a lil bit, during day light hours. If that is not an option i would be patience and wait for the pre-rut
  5. One thing is for sure. If he's coming through 4-6am he's bedding close to ur 40ac. Don't over hunt the area and good luck.
  6. Nocturnal deer

    Got same problem. Plenty of young bucks in daylite...5am comes and the magnificent 6(as I call 'em) leave. Different routes...diff. days. Seems the biggest one will stay longer than others esp. when its raining. Patience and new rain gear....Good luck
  7. Thats the thing....only one day was at 6. the last 2000 pics were at midnight to 3 0r sometimes 4. Thanks for the tips!!
  8. I agree with what a few others have said, stay out of the area till late october but keep running your cam with out to much intrusion. then let other hunters pressure the bucks onto your property, then kill them on first sit when they show that they are moving during daylight hours
  9. Just hunt the wind and do not over hunt it. You will be good. I like the drop tine buck there. You have some nice ones coming in. Good luck