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Need some camping ideas fellas..

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I intend on taking a long weekend camping in the spring and checkin out this Ohio river i been hearing about so much on here.
Here goes, I am looking for a place where i can pitch my tent on or near the river and latch on to some decent chanel cats at night and maybe some bass and bluegill duing the day. I would prefer the northern half of the Ohio but if you guys Know a good area ...i am all ears. Not lookin for anyones honeyhole here, just a good primative/semi-primative camping area with river access.

All sugestions would be welcome...also, i dont have my heart set on the Ohio river....just some good fishing oprotunities...any good river will do;)

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rayland is a popular spot on the ohio to camp and catch cats.close to stuebenville.pike island dam is just a few minutes away,also,where you can catch just about anything.flatheads,channels,smallmouth,white bass and others.
there are campsites on the muskingum at ellis dam and others where there is also good multi-species fishing.there is also camping at dillon lake,with good channel cat fishing in the lake and flatheads,channels,saugeyes,bass and more,below the dam,which is a few minutes from the campsites.there are also private campgrounds near.
Thanks Rick, ill check it out.
you're welcome.i added a little more to the list.
Not the Ohio, but this place is REALLY cool. Right below Rokeby dam on the Muskingum, on the west side of the river there is a little path to pull down and a long stretch where people camp and fish. A lot of people use this area, some launch their boats down river and beach them here while they camp.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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