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N.W.T.F. Convention

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I was wondering who if anyone was going to the NWTF convention in Nashville next weekend. we are leaving friday afternoon and coming home sunday.

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i think it`s in columbus next year. this year it`s at the grand ol`opery hotel in nashville. should be a good time.

I wanted to go to Nashville but it didnt work out. So I will have to wait another year.:(
I wish i could go. Can someone get pics and post them?
I won't be going either. JUst too much going on right now and vacation time is at a premium!!;)
I can relate to that.;)
i`ll try to get my buddys digitial camera and get a few pics to post. we are planning on hitting the wild horse saloon after the show,has anyone ever been there if so how was it?

IT would be great if I could go but unfortunately I can't.:(
i think it was in col. last year just before the deer show.thought it would be here this yr.too.it was very impressive,especially all the art and full mount deer displays.
I have to agree it was very impressive on the animal mounts they had there.;)
and beady had his world record but i missed it.oooooooh
hey we made it back and boy was the trip home a pain in the ...ok the convention was a great time and sorry i forgot the camera so no pics from me. we got some real good deals on some things but for the most part you are better off getting your gear at your local sporting good stores. here are a couple links that i thought you`d enjoy. www.mosportsmen.com/2003nwtfconvention.htm this is some pics of the convention the pics are a lot better than the ones i could have taken.

these are some sculptures i picked up www.shakerdecoys.com these are the best i`ve seen. you could see the details in the birds that alot of people thought they where real feathers.

hope you like the links,

Sounds like you had a great time and thanks for sharing the site with the pics!!;)
Yes, I'm glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing.
i know if i had it to do again i`d doit in a heart beat .lol

saturday we started at the convention. if you have never seen the grand ole opry hotel......brother hold on to your shorts. this place it great one of the nicest places i have ever seen. you just have to be there. after that we went out to dinner at the new orleans mannor (sea food buffet) man that was great food.at $80 a couple it had better be great food!!!! then we went to the ryman to see the grand ol opry show. that was alot of fun. then off to the wild horse saloon to finish off the night. this was worth every dime and i would recomend it to anyone that wants to go .

wish i could be there but i only got so much vacation time...glad tuh hear yuh all had a goooood time...
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