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My trophy Smallmouth Bass mount. (pics!)

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DZtaxidermy, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Just got my Smallmouth Bass back from the taxidermist which happened to be me. :D I really got into Smallmouth fishing this year and this is my best to date. 21 inches and 4 1/2 pounds. I cant wait till next year to go after a bigger one.:)



  2. Man thats a nice looking fish and mount good job hope you get that bigger one this year.Good luck
  3. Here's a silly question, have you ever mounted a catfish? Is that even done? I'd love to see about a 20lb channel cat on the wall. Just curiuos
  4. In My 8 years of doing fish exclusively I have never done a Catfish. From talking to other taxidermists and reading books it is better to have a reproduction made. Not to say a Cat can't be mounted, but a reproduction would be better for longevity.

    Thanks for the compliments guys. If you don't mind I'll keep posting pictures of my work from time to time.:)
  5. Very nice job!! How much would that cost to have done and where would you get a reproduction of a catfish? Or do you do that?
  6. I charge $13.00 per inch for replicas. I order my fish replicas from a supplier. When I get them there is quite a bit of prep work to the fish before I actually airbrush them. Most of my suppliers have literally thousands of molds of fish of all shapes and sizes.
  7. Very nice mount.

    I hope the perch you do for me from Hubbard turns out as well as that smallmouth:D

    I look forward to meeting you.

  8. :D :D :D

    I'll see you in a couple weeks!
  9. Skinny little sucker for a 21" er Dave. I have one that's just shy of 20" but weighed 5 1/2 lb. Perrrrty mount tho, bronzebacks are tough to paint and not look overdone. Looks like you've done your homework!....a few times
  10. Catfish-

    Hey 'Nasty- Ive seen a catfish mount. It was a 22 pound channel cat. Beautiful mount. It was really nice. THE CATKING!!!
  11. They have a cat mounted at the Reynoldsburg Gander...........looks like someone ran it over before they mounted it.
  12. cat replicas

    I have a Flathead rep. hanging on my wall..from what i was told since cats dont have scales and the chemicals they use to preserve "real" skin shrinks up..and real skin would deform pretty bad after drying?
    As awsome as the reps. are today..i dont see any sence in killing a trophy when you can take some quick measurements and a few photos and have that fish on your wall and still alive to be caught again some day!!
    But thats my opinion!

    The Cabelas up at Dundee, Mi. has a blue, channel and flathead rep. mounts in thier bait store area.

    Biggest blue cat rep. i ever saw was 74lbs. here in Ohio.
    Biggest Flathead rep. is owned by the ODNR(saw it one year at the sports and travel show) was confiscated from a SNAGGER, was about 55-60lbs.
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