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My Deer hunting heaven/pictures

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by flathunter, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. I thought I would share these pics with you..I live back a hollow in some of the finest deer hunting in the state Jackson County. The below picture is my house.

  2. All of the pics shown were taken today, this next pic shows the view from my back porch, I have shot several deer back this hollow.


  3. This pic is the view from the side of my house taken from my front yard.

  4. This pic taken from my front porch shows the front of my house...It is not uncommon to see as many as 30-deer at once in the fields...I have had bucks as close as 10 feet from my house.

  5. Nice looking area. My parents live down in Willowwood and I pass though that area to see them and hunt on the property. Great looking area down that way.;)
  6. Here is a pic I took of a nice buck 20yds from my back door

  7. No i did not get that one, I have shot two 6-pointers, and three does here, and my son has shot a doe here...I have seen a couple 10 pointers also...We usually just hunt for the meat and shoot the first deer that comes by...If I would be more paitent and just hunt for the big boys I would imagine I could harvest a dandy.
  8. I'll be coming down that way to do some fishing in the Ohio with my Dad. Maybe we can hook up while I'm down and catch a few.
  9. Sounds great! Just give me a shout!
  10. Great!! Does your son go out all the time with you. I have my son with me when I go. He is learning to catfish. He's 12.
  11. It all depends, he is 15 and sometimes he enjoys it and wants to go, and sometimes not...Probably about 50 percent of the time he is with me.
  12. mine gets that way. it depends on what the girls around the area are doing. It's that smell of perfume that gets them everytime.
  13. HAHAHA you got that right my son is more interested in girls and cars right now than hunting and fishing:(
  14. I'm going to try to come down that way in Jan. to check out some deer movement on the our property. I'll get in contact with you on the way down , we can hook up and meet some where. I come down 35 are you near there to meet?
  15. If you know where the old trippies resturant used to be, I live 1-mile from there, back a gravel rd 3/4 mile from rt 35.
  16. You are a lucky man,flathunter to live in an area like that. Thanks for sharing.:cool:
  17. I know where that is. I'll get in contact with you when I'm coming that way.
  18. Wow. Nice land you have there flathunter. Great pics!
  19. That is excellent dude. Looks like you have a good piece of land to enjoy!