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I have always considered myself a "do it yourself" kinda guy, and have always taken pride in learning how to do things rather than having someone else take care of them for me. I decided last winter that I was going to start collecting archery items to put together my very own archery bench, where I can work on my bow, do anything to an arrow I could possibly want to, and also braid wrist slings (my new side hobby/archery bench funding project).

I always wanted to get into the business of working on my bow and building arrows, but never really had the fundage to purchase the equipment I needed to get started. After doing some research, and using some on my ******* ninjanengineering skills, I have come up with a handful of cheap(er) solutions to building the tools that are so darned expensive.

My first order of business after building an archery bench is to set myself up so I can "build" an arrow from start to finish. What I mean by this is cutting the arrow and putting in inserts, cresting and fletching arrows, weighing and spin-testing arrows, etc.

The next order of business is to set myself up with a bow vice and all the necessities to do a basic bow setup, (setting knocking point, serving the string, installing and adjusting rest, etc).

The final order of business will be to build a bow press, and learn the finer arts of tuning a bow (adjusting timing, replacing strings/cables, doing general bow maintenance).

Now, I have finally got the bench built, along with a bow holder and a paper-tuning rack, and am now in the process of putting together the arrow spinner/crester machine.

I thought I would start a blog here on OS that would go hand in hand with my builds. I will post pictures and descriptions of the stuff I build, along with a final price for the build, and if anyone is interested, instructions/parts lists for some of the stuff I build. Watch for updates in the coming days/months on my builds.

May 14, 2009
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