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My 2016-17 Season In Pics

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by bywayofthearrow, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. I had a blast carrying my camera in the field this year. I put my Canon T3i to work and tried to take alot of pics on my iphone as well. My main reason was to try to capture all the best moments of the year, so I can go back and relive them through my pics and videos. I documented all but 2 hunts this year in video that I'm working on getting edited. It's a process! I thought I'd share some of my favorite pics together in a thread. Next year I hope to share them real time in a thread, and do something similar in video as well. Vlog style I guess is how I would put it. Enjoy.

    Travis with a good 10 point shed set. We each found a side, we're now alternating who gets the set when we each find a side.
    travis 10 pt sheds.jpg bow season 1.jpg bow season 2.jpg
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  2. bow season 5.jpg bow season 7.jpg bow season 8.jpg bow season 10.jpg bow season 11.jpg bow season 12.jpg bow season 13.jpg

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  3. Youth hunter waiting patiently.
    16 1.jpg 16 2.jpg 16 3.jpg 16 4.jpg
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  4. After having to re-size all those pics I'm done for today but will update this thread as I get more of my pics re-sized. I'm editing my hunts from the season into week or bi-week episodes that I will share as they are finished being edited. This is a hobby I plan to continue for the foreseeable future. I'm no expert. but if anyone has any questions on taking pictures or videoing your hunts I can share what I've learned. As well as some good equiptment to start out on. Thanks for looking! Good hunting everyone!
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  5. Those are some really cool pictures.
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  6. I think the blood on the leaves is the best one. What was your favorite?
  7. Steve

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    Nice shots, thanks for sharing.
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  8. Hard to say but the young man I hunted with during youth season was a fun hunt. Weather was terrible youth season saturday but we toughed it out. Still hunting up some remote drainages up to that stand site with a new hunter was cool. I don't believe the kid had hunted southern Ohio and I could tell he enjoyed taking the lead still hunting, and learning to glass up on the ridge sides.

    The blood on the poison ivy leaves was unique in that the deer were browsing heavily on the leaves in that spot. It's a massive poison ivy patch and the deer show up early season and hang around for quite a while just eating the leaves.
  9. Nice pics...thanks for sharing!
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  11. i love that group of does picture, it is clear as can be! you must have a pretty nice camera.
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  12. They eat the poison ivy? Interesting....

    Great pics!!
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  13. I had heard they will browse it however it wasn't the reason I hunted this spot. It was a chocked out woodlot that was getting so little light to the ground, poison ivy was the only thing that thrived. 3 deer that morning came in and browsed around my stand for quite some time on the poison ivy. It was unique. Patch of ivy was maybe 50x40 yards roughly. I somehow didn't come in contact with it myself thankfully!
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