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Muzzy reports?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Dissident, Jan 7, 2017.

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  2. Knightfan , Looks to me like one of the bullets expanded in the pic . Did it make it through the jell . What I want is expansion and penetration .
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  3. I believe the 2 bullets on the right are the same. One has not been fired (the one with the Black base) while the other (on top) is after being fired, hence that's why it expanded. I also wonder if the copper bullet went through both blocks.

    I hear you on wanting both expansion an penetration but we are shooting a gun not capable of reaching high powered rifle velocities. We have to work with what we got....:(
  4. I used them for years, years ago. Good bullet but made for a handgun.. I've killed many deer with them and had good and bad results. They seem to "explode" when pushed at higher speeds and come in contact with high density bone (like a shoulder) . If hit in the "Sweet spot" it performed well, with good blood.
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  5. I'll post the rest of the pictures tonight if I get time along with how far they penetrated. The bullet that looks like it has not been fired was actually fired. You will not even guess where it ended up. Gotta keep the suspense going. :D
  6. seeing how everyone is having such a hard time with ML bullets i think ODNR should take away ML season and implement 300win mag season. :yikes:
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  7. Yea , your pissing me off with it dog . LOL

    I don't know that everyone is having trouble .. But there are sure quite a few here that are not getting blood trails . Seems I have read this in the bow section and shotgun too . And I don't think you can take the recoil of a 300 win mag . LOL
  8. Never shot a 300 win mag but shot 8mm mausers and the such.
  9. This is the reason I shoot a muzzy or bow all year. My shoulder took a beating shooting those shotgun slugs...300 win mag, sounds scary. Ill pass
  10. 300 grain sst drops them in their tracks. I hunted with a 10 gauge one year in deer season with 3 inch slugs .probably one of the stupidest things I've done. I'll never do it agin! Talk about a kick to the shoulder face and neck. I'm gooood.
  11. What about a plain ol' ball and patch...remember...back in the days before all this confusion about which bullet performs the best out of your modern inline muzzleloader?
  12. I only shot 1 with the ball and patch , not much of a blood trail . Ball hit in the side of the nose came out the back of it's head ran 20 yards . First deer I ever got .
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  13. Knightfan . I shoot rem copper solids from my 870 12 gauge . I don't think they expand at all because the exit hole always looks just like the entrance . But they penetrate well and I have never found a bullet . Non of the deer I have shot went over 70 yards most under 40 . Some crazy good blood some very little . Thing is it's a full.50 cal bullet like a powerbelt . That is a big hole if it opens or not . But yes we want it to open to transfer energy and shock . But the copper solids shoot very well out of my gun so even if it doesn't open I choose the accuracy . Seems to be working .
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  14. Ok the rest of the story. After the PowerBelts, next he shot one of the BorLock copper bullets. Instead of a bang, the gun made an odd weak sound. Funny thing but this happened once before while shooting the same bullet type. That time was on the range. We use big boxes for targets and the bullet did not even hit the box. Never knew where the bullet went. This time shooting at ballistic gel about 10-15 feet away, this is how the bullet was found. It was backwards embedded in the very front of the gel block. And no he did not load the bullet backwards. :) He has a couple theories why that happened.


    Next he shot the BorLock lead bullet. It caused the gel to buck upwards when he shot and the bullet was found laying in a small gap between the 2 blocks of gel. So it penetrated the 1st 16" block but not the second.

    Next he shot another copper one and this is the one that opened perfectly. It penetrated the block of gel 13.5 inches.


    That is finally the end of the story. :D
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  15. WOW,

    I wouldn't use those bullets. Sounds like this bullet is not sealing correctly in the barrel all the pressure must have escaped around the bullet. Are they easy to load??
  16. By the looks of them she could reuse them.
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  17. While I've never shot or handle one, my husband said yes. That is supposed to be one of the selling points.
  18. I found out why the bullet on Cole's deer never exited. We butchered the deer yesterday. The slug entered about 4" behind the front shoulder and I found it in the off side hip just under the skin. The slug penetrated about 26" of tissue before it stopped. I can't complain about the amount of penetration it never hit a bone the bullet slid between the ribs and missed the femur in the rear quarter. The bullet was almost unchanged from the impact. It was a Hornady 250 grain SST behind 100 grains of Pyrodex.
  19. I figured. I would tell him to stay away from those.