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Muzzy reports?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Dissident, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. That's right! Damn slick tricks!
  2. I've always used and had great performance w bushnell products.
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  3. Not me.. every product I ever bought was terrible. That would consist of two range finders and two scopes. Your lucky.
  4. never had luck either. i was just razzing catchdog as he is always pushing me to buy a Leopold.
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  5. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    I would trade my Nikon Omega for a Bushnell Elite any day.
  6. The Bushnell elite series are good scopes . the others are junk .

    Wildman , Then why did you keep buying them ?
  7. One range finder was given to me the other I found on a golf coarse. (Either the guy hit a ball in the woods or it was dropped while taking a leak)
    And the scope was the only one I have bought..

    Never again
  8. yes plus I got the regular XTP'S bought in boxes of 100 then bought the sabots I use the 45 cal 240 grn look in the reloading section get them in boxes off 10 0 cheaper that way ant get the black sabots from Hornady too my brother n law uses the 180 in the 44 cal over 80 grns off 777
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  9. Well well well. Mr bluedog was having some fun while I was working today. :p

    He put 2 blocks of 16" long 10% ballistics gel together and shot some muzzleloader bullets through them. Report later. :D
  10. I've only killed two deer with my Savage muzzle loader, both with Hornady 300 gr. hp XTP .458 dia. The doe was about 35 yds hit her right behind the shoulder, broke ribs going in and out. She went 25 yds spraying blood on the snow with each bound. The buck was shot from above and broke spine and took out heart.
  11. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Ditto- I have boxes and boxes of them......used them for many years and its a great bullet with the right powder combination Killed many a deer with them. Started using Powerbelts when I went to Kansas in 2012 with the one BH 209 Powder combination (100 grains of BH 209) and it kills too- bought bulk sabots as well and have a few hundred laying round......


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  12. And how was the blood trails 56 ?
  13. What sabots are you guys using with the 44 xtp? I've seen green and black. Store bought xtp are hard as hell to get down the barrel and didn't shoot well.
  14. So Mr bluedog took 5 shots into 2 end to end blocks of ballistic gel.

    1. 345gr regular PowerBelt 100gr 777. Went all the way through both blocks

    2. 250gr Aerolite PowerBelt 100gr pyrodex went all the way through both blocks

    Next up 2 shots with Ferderal BorLock 270gr copper and 1 shot with Federal BorLock 350gr lead.

    All 3 of these bullets were shot using 100gr of 777. Intrigued? More of the story later.

  15. I took a video on Tuesday of where I shot my deer on Monday evening. Shows all the eaten Brussels sprouts and kale. So sad. Darn deer.

  16. The bor lock copper is a copy of the Barnes expander line. They open just like a Barnes. I prefer the barnes expander because they are a true hollow point without the poly tip and open up at lower speeds.

    The expansion( and staying intact) causing the huge hydrolic shock, then the sharpness of the pedals cutting through and exiting is exactly what you want.

    The powerbelts I used many years ago were all lead. They expanded so much the bullet was bigger than a quarter after impact, thus never leaving the body cavity. The damage was fantastic but the blood trail was horrible.

    Well so far, this is a no brainer. The copper is winning.

    Awesome testing. I wish I had time and some gel. My experience comes from the field. Its like being a CSI investigator.

    Good work.

  17. I agree. Some of these bullets you might a well shoot a FMJ. They are not expanding.. This should fall on the manufacturers engineering departments. Instead of designing a bullet for muzzle loader velocities they just put something out that looks cool so people will buy it.
  18. sounds like there going to need more than 2 blocks of jell to find a winner

  19. I think this shows kinda what im thinking in my previous post....thank you for taking time out of you and your husbands day to do this.....
  20. That's the problem. You don't want the bullets to travel all the way through two blocks of gel. The bullet is not expanding. This means the bullets energy is not being used up on the animal causing damage.

    Its a fine balance between expanding and penetrating. You want expansion but not so much to where the bullet does not exit the animal.

    The bullets going through 2 blocks of gel and not expanding, is one I would not use.