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Muzzy reports?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Dissident, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Are the bucks herded up together elsewhere, nocturnal, or do you think the ratio is just that wacky? Even with cold temps over the weekend alot of bucks we know are around from trail cams weren't moving in daylight that we saw. The doe groups were out moving significantly more. We only saw one bachelor group.
  2. Yea, I agree and have had the same results on almost all my muzzleloader kills. If they didn't drop in there tracks then they were hard to find. All most every one.

  3. Ever try the XTP Mag deer ive killed leave a fist size exit hole and they shoot good out of my Encore
  4. What powder charges are you guys going with? Cole used a 100 grains of powder because 150 kicks worse than the 45-70. I shot a nice 8 point two years ago during ML and he left a good blood trail. I cant remember if the bullet exited. That buck was obviously much bigger than the doe

    Slim Are you referring to Hornady XTP? I used to shoot those but I never see them anymore.
  5. I'm using 100 grains. 150 is not recommended for my gun.
  6. No clue where they are. We don't run cameras at all. I can say that in the summer when the beans were on, there was nothing but bucks feeding in the beans (as one would expect). It's pretty frustrating though to see all those deer and not see a single buck. I have a physical therapy appointment for my bad shoulder this morning but will be going back out this afternoon. Tomorrow's weather sounds pretty awful so if what they are predicting comes true, I probably won't hunt tomorrow.
  7. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    I hunted Muskingham county Saturday. Hunted 3 hours in the frist place I set up and didn't see anything. Went back to my truck for a quick lunch and decided to move to another spot. I was sitting in my tree for about 1.5 hours when I heard some noise coming toward me. I got ready and then I saw some orange. Turns out it was about 10 Amish driving the woods. They went by me without me seeing anything. Waited about half an hour after they passed in case a deer circled around them Nothing. Decided the heck with it, any deer around here will be long gone now. Went back to my truck and decided to take a ride. All I saw was the big white passenger vans that they use to haul Amish around with trailers on the back. I bet you I saw over 6 of them vans. I saw over 20 Amish walking and set up along the road. They would go down the road drop people off and just keep daisy chaining along the road. I did hear a lot of shooting though. That was enough for me called it quits.
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  8. This is with 20 years of testing different muzzy bullets.

    The Shockwaves and Hornady SST's are the same bullet both mady by Hornady. They are known to fragment when pushed and higher speeds and come in contact with bone. I have had about 50% pass through and 50% not. Deer is usually dead within 50 yards but no blood trails on the nonpass through. Its a decent bullet but there are definitely better.

    I would not use a XTP. They are a handgun bullet not intended to be pushed and higher muzzle loader speeds. They will work but not recommended out of a muzzy. This was one of the first saboted bullets back in the day. It's old school.

    The worst bullet for pass through is powerbelts. They are very accurate but out of the 4 deer I shot with them, zero pass throughs. I found all 4 within 50 yards but there was ZERO blood. I will never use them again.

    The best bullet in my opinion with 100% pass through on 5 deer is the Barnes expander. 100% copper and designed for muzzleloader velocity. They shoot well but are expensive. These are the plain old expanders not the boattail or the tipped version.

    I have heard great things about blood line bullets. They are brass and fragment on purpose. I guess they are awesome. Originally designed by Lehigh bullets but bought by knight rifles. I will start test shooting them this spring. You can Youtube them they look devastating.

    One other thing. Unless you have a 30" plus barrel length, you are wasting powder if you shoot over 115 to 120grs of powder. I have a 28" barrel and shot in the snow a couple times years back with 150gr of 777. A huge amount of unburned powder was laying in the snow in front of me. After slowly going down in increments of 10grs per load. I saw no powder left at 120gr (by volume) or less. My 22" barreled gun is worse it can only handle 105gr or less without puking any unburned powder out. Just FYI. Test and verify with your gun, results may vary... lol
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  9. Schu72

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    I had a fun 2 days of hunting. Got into town on Friday to check cameras and there was great evening activity. On Friday I saw a good buck and was able to watch him from the house as he worked the property. He was a no show an Saturday, but I did end up seeing 4 deer in the morning and somewhere between 18-20 in the afternoon. At one point I had 15 in shooting range at the same time. All antlerless. I did not hunt Sunday morning. The buck from Friday showed up with a buddy at lunch time. I decided to throw some clothes on and see if I could get out ahead of them. They were quicker than I was. Had him in the scope, but the shot was too far for my comfort. My hope was that they would bed in the thicket they cut into and come back in the evening. I headed to the stand just before 3. Just about 4 pm I catch movement in the thicket. It the shooter bucks buddy. I eventually lose him in the scrub, but see more movement...doe. Then suddenly I see him. Hammer is cocked, but its a little to thick to shoot. I'm certain they are working to position. Then it happens...I hear voices...the deer freeze. I slowly turn behind me and 2 kids appear on the neighbor's property. I guess 4 pm on Sunday in 13 degree weather is the perfect time to go sledding. Deer bust down through the woods. The kids leave just before 5. Twelve deer end up coming out of the woods but neither buck showed. :(
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  10. I have used both 100 grain and 150 grain. Not Pyrodex and trip7. Powerbelts and Hornady, Thompson all 50 Cal and usually around 250 to 300 grain. I have use a muzzleloader during gun and the muzzy season for the last 15 years.

    As I said if they didn't drop they were a tough find. This year I shot a doe twice. First shot was in the neck she fell then I reloaded start to gather my gear then she took of I shot her on the run from 30 yards shot again double lung she ran 40+ yards. No blood other than a little after first shot where she fell. 120grain trip7

    I shot a big eight at 100 yds. I knew I had a good hit. If my friend wasnd a valley over I may not of found him. He heard him kick his last kicks. Both deer on public land.

    I now use two 60 grain trip7 120 is a good mix.imo
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  11. Hate to think of the running shots which is bad enough, not having a follow up shot is just sad. Gotta wonder if they teach the young hunters how to actually hunt? The game warden would have loved to come out and check licenses and tags on a big group of hunters like that, I would have invited him.
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  13. Thus the problem with small sample size. I've shot 4 deer with Powerbelts and all 4 were pass throughs. If we put our data together, it would be 50% more like the first bullet you mentioned. My small data set does concur with the no blood trail though. :) :) :)
  14. Heck of a nice buck . Do you want to give us any more story than the pic shows .
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  15. BTW, the buck above was shot with 295 PB w/ 100 gr 777 powder. Double lung - upper lobes pass thru. Great blood trail for 120 yards.

    Story coming Catchdog!
  16. With the beginning of the season quota of 2 doe filled (one by a neighbor we let bowhunt and one by my husband), I was hunting buck only. But I was also trying to get freezer meat for a friend who sharecrops our corn/soybean acres and who did not get a chance to hunt this year. With bad weather moving in tomorrow, today was likely my last day of hunting for the season. For 50 minutes, I watched a button buck finishing up what little is left of the Brussels sprouts. When he got to 40yd at 5pm, that was all she wrote. Double lung pass through. More details will be in my blog when I get to it.

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