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Muzzy reports?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Dissident, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Waited til this afternoon to hunt. Belmont co. Seems their trimming gas line trees w choppers today. Smh.
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  2. deer definitely moving today. 10+ deer feeding in the oaks and hickories around 10am. one of them didn't make it back home. :)
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  3. Are you telling use you shot number 3 .. It didn't happen without a pic . And make sure it's not a pic of one your buddy shot . LOL
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  4. #3?? what u talkin bout willis!?

    pics on ML thread and my team thread.
  5. Filmed my buddy shoot his best buck to date this morning just before 8. Bachelor group heading back to bedding. The big dude was trailing the group and as soon as my buddy saw him he shot. Turns out the buck was slightly quartering too, my buddy hit him square in the shoulder bone and our best guess is the bullet fragmented. Tracked him over 2 miles into two properties with permission. The deer was completely on 3 legs and he still managed to jump from his beds half a dozen times and escape before a follow up shot. 50 yard shot, 250 grain bullet with 100 grains of powder. Can't win on shoulders unless your shooting a high cal rifle. I've seen arrows fail, slugs fails and now a muzz sabot fail. Way bummed for my buddy. Saw over 40 deer by noon which is promising for next season. One or two more hunts with friends and I'm done for the year. Today was a roller coaster. We had the game warden help get us access to the final property and he was a really nice guy. He helped on the track job and when we saw the buck climb a massive hill on 3 legs we all kinda looked at each other like yep, we're done here.
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  6. Ohio didn't you post that you had only killed 2 deer in 14 years of hunting . So this one should be number 3 . I could have you confused with someone else but I don't think so .
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  7. Congratulations OHI !!! Well a cold but Beautiful day in the Wayne National. Only seen 2 does digging for red oaks was still hunting only about 300 yard from entry point but another flash of motion caught my eye in a thicket about 50 yards in front of me. Kept waiting then there it was again a coyote was watching the does roughly 1OO plus yard to my left. So now 2 does + coyote + 44 year old male with apparent A.D.D trying to figure out getting a clear shot at the yote. Didn't work does spooked went over the ridge not sure if it was me or the coyote. Needless to say coyote ran off through the thicket could get a clear shot. But I enjoyed the hunt learned a new area more lots of sign to read with the snow on the ground still. Today was in the woods from about 10-till dark. Tomorrow think may just go from 12 till dark try a different area I'm curious about. Good look all that hit the woods tomorrow.

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  8. wnf took a small 6pt, took a doe last year gun week, shot 8pt last year ran 50yards and dropped. walked up on him 10ft away and made one last 100yard dash for the woods and neighboring land which I couldn't retrieve on the next morning. I walked the property line with Binos for 3hrs and never seen him and he was found about 4 weeks later maybe 50yards over the line and the rack was given to me so I checked him in seeing how it was found 100yards from where I shot him. I knew it was a good hit cause the blood was bubbly so I'm kind of counting that one. shot a buck a little smaller than this one today at Mohican in 2006 but he ran onto private and the guy wouldn't let me go look. I'm pretty sure the deer was laying in the woods cause I seen something out of the ordinary laying at the bottom of the hill but he proceeded to tell me he doesn't like us public land hunters and he was hunting that deer. If I made it bleed I count it even if I wasn't able to retrieve it. that's not a power trip thing either is just respect for the animal.
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  9. man Wayne in January and if they have snow is asking for a heart attack. those coyotes are bad in the Marietta unit.
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  10. Not sure what that would give you a heart attack about that? It's quite peaceful and pressure is low. It's one of my favorite times of year in that part of the state.
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  11. the Marietta unit part I used to hunt for a long time was a motha ..... to climb the hills and trails when its not 0 degrees and possibly has snow. when its cold and we gun hunted it I would wear just one pair of pants and a hoodie and slip 2 pairs of jogging pants over my cargo pants and then more shirts and bibs and would still be soaked with sweat when I got to the top and was wearing one layer. this unit doesn't have the ATV trails and the parking lots and pull offs like the others so its pretty much park on the Ohio river and up and down several hollers to get to the nut bearing trees.
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  12. My older son got finally got his deer this afternoon. We were set up on the edge of a crp field watching the woods where deer have been coming in to feed. It was an easy call to hunt there because there is an old plywood blind about 80 yards from the corner of the woods. We were a little late getting out. We bumped a little 6 point and several doe at 3:45 or so. We got settled into the blind and by 4:30 we had two big does and Three yearlings coming out of the woods. After the deer Cole had decided on was clear of the little ones he took the shot. And as muzzleloading goes there was the smallest of hang fires. We watched as the deer scattered ran about 50 yards into the woods where they thought we couldn't see them, they don't know they stick out in the snow. I watched the big doe through my binoculars for any sign of injury but after watching her for a few minutes she slowly walked off with two of the smaller deer. Cole was pretty bummed after missing the deer but it was early. We got the rifle reloaded and resumed the hunt At 5:10 or so another mature doe two yearlings and a small adult doe showed up and began feeding. after about 10 minutes of waiting for the right angle or other deer being in the cross fire Cole squeezed off a shot a about 60 yards. At the shot I saw the deer absorb the impact and run towards the woods it was an obvious hit. We celebrated for a second and he was trying to warm his frozen shooting hand. I got his rifle reloaded and we went to look for blood. We couldn't find a drop! We knew pretty close to where the doe had entered the woods so we went in and started working across the trails she could have taken. I spotted the deer about 50 yards in with my binoculars. Cole didn't know it but I kept steering him towards his deer. He was looking for blood so intently he got within 15 yards or so before he spotted her. He definitely had a big smile. I am very proud of him for hunting through several seasons and a couple of rough ones weather wise the rain during gun season the single digits we were in today. I believe he's going to turn into a hunter and a man before I know it.
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  13. The cooler weather definitely has the deer moving. Yesterday, 8:02 a.m. a decent buck came out that I took a swipe at, but missed. 3:53 p.m. a group of 3 antlerless deer reach the field edge 300 yards away, but headed back into the woods. 5:25 a different group of deer, 2 antlered and 2 antlerless popped out into the field 400 yards away headed my direction, but didn't reach me before quitting time. My trailcam of the previous 24hrs before muzzy season proves positive that the deer around here are getting more active for sure. Headed to the same spot this morning first thing. Good luck to those that are getting out!

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  14. Ohio . So this one is number 3 to make it into your freezer .
  15. Yes. I never really hardcore deer hunted until 3-4yrs ago. small game was always a lot more fun and i was able to do it with friends i grew up with so deer was bow hunt 2-3 times and gun hunt and then back to rabbit and pheasant. i know 3 isn't much but good enough for me. was thinking about taking a doe this year too off another property but butcher cost, $90 for a dehydrator last night and now a mount i have to watch my money.
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  16. A buddy of mine shot his first buck at 3:15 yesterday! It walked up at about 80 yards, didn't give him a shot for quite awhile. He has pictures of better bucks but this one has an unforgettable rack. I am very happy for him. 18758.jpeg 18759.jpeg
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  17. Is that broken/falling off and hanging or is that actually grown like that? :yikes: that pretty sweat if that's grown like that.
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  18. It is half broke and then grew down like that. Crazy!!!!
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