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muzzleloading succsess?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by bonasachasa, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. any of you smoke polers have any luck yet only 1 day left
  2. maybe 1 day for me since I work Monday.;) Unless I call in sick.:p

  3. no kills but saw lots of deer.goin back out monday and try again.landowner does not allow sunday huntin . so will have to wait till monday to try again.
  4. Man that sucks about the "No Sunday" hunting. I was fortunately able to harvest a NICE 10pt. today.
  5. congradulations knight!! and that is not the first private landowner i have heard of keeping the no sunday hunting law going on there own . one of the largest private tracks that allows hunting near me (unuon county) still wishes to keep hunters at home on sunday and the owner winters in fla.
  6. in a way with the shootin goin on around in other areas testerday i figure it might put the deer in the area i hunt and calm down a little by monday mornin.when i got there yeasterday afternoon they said they had seen close to 32 deer in the area.mornin is best time to hunt this area.will try again in mornin.
  7. I was able to take a small racked 8-pointer with my new CVA .45 cal this morning at 8:00am.My buddy took a good sized doe friday evening.Good luck to everyone still hunting.Dave
  8. Well I missed a doe at 60 yards today. I do believe I actually flinched on the shot. Gues it back to the drawing board again. Thought I had solved that problem:(
  9. A doe on Sat. PM after passing on a few Fri. and Sat AM. I heard we might see rain Sun. so..... I took it an Urban zone (second this season) and I still have an either sex tag left for the remainder of Bowseason.
  10. Lance

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    I shot a nice doe in Harrison county 9:30 Friday morning. About 50 yards out .50 cal CVA Hawken. My brother-in-law also shot a buck about 10:30 Friday that had already shed. 4 hunters 2 deer, pretty good day!
  11. Unfortunately, as things turned out, I was only to get out for a few hours. I never saw a deer. It was nice being out in the woods though. I will have to try a few weekends with a bow before the season goes out.

  12. Good luck with the remainder of the season eschatts. I was fortunate enough to take a nice buck opening day of archery season and then a button buck on Sat. morning of Muzzleloader. Looking forward to next season already.