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Muzzleloader Ballistics

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If anybody needs the balistics for the powder charge and bullet wieght they are shooting this year I have information for various bullets with 100 (ffg or pyrodex)and 150 (3 pyrodex pellets)grain loads. While it may not be exact (bullet manufacturers)it will be very, very close.

The data that I have is for bullets with sabots only. I don't have any data on round balls or maxi's.

Just post your powder charge and bullet weight and I'll give you the velocities, trajectory and energy at various yardages.

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Kim, For some reason I couldn't get on GFO to reply so if your able to post please pass it along. I cleaned my barrel with a hot soapy bath and took it shooting. I used 2/50gr. pellets and a 245gr. CVA Powerbelt. First shot was 8 inches low at 25yds. Moved the scope and hit the orange. First shot at 50 was 4 inch high and a little left. After another move on the scope it was dialed in. 1 inch high at 50 put me 1/2 inch high at 100yds. shot 3 shots and all touching. Thats for passing on that info it has just made my Firehawk an awesome weapon. I was only dropping 7 inches at 200 yds. I saw on your ballistics report that there would be a 7 inch drop at 150. I didn't find it to be nearly that much. Thanks for the help and hope you get a big boy this weekend. -Kevin
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