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muzzle loader cheating:D

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I think everyone should have to use the old flintlock with a ball and patch,open sights.
With all the new tech loaders out there, anyone can purchase one and be hunting within an hour.(no ffl on m.loaders)
209 primers,3 pyrodex pellets,240 gr sabots,Man thats a rifle.
This sounds like some other thread.:eek:
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Hey I am thinking about getting a muzzleloader for next year. What are some of your opinions about them and which type to get? Ill admit when it comes to muzzleloaders then Im the village idiot lol.. Ive shot a couple of friends but thats been a few years ago.

Lol I was on a roof all day must have went to my head. Everyone makes fun of Walmart lol its my favorite place to shop... I will prolly just pick up a cheapo and see how I like it ... My main question which I guess I didnt point out very good is what kind as in flintlock, inline that kinda thing. :) It will just be for hunting and thats it.

I am in it for the hard hunt.. I mainly ground hunt for that reason. The only thing I have a scope on is my one crossbow. I am comfortable with that at 40 yards within a 1 inch pattern. But I dont like to hunt with a scope on my guns though. Just my preferance though. :)

Hey thanks Kim I really appriciate that. Right at the moment Im trying to get my hands on the so called Rare Remington 1100 410. I dont know why the 410s are so expensive compared to the 12 and 20.. I know they dont make them every year but geez. Im winning an auction right now at around 340 for one.. I havent seen one go for under 600 so Im sure Ill lose it :)

Hey thanks for the tips and I do have to say I love the disclaimer lol.. ;) Im not real sure exactly what I want I may have to take lundy up on his offer and fire a couple different kinds because I really have no idea.
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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